April 19, 2024
Nerf Retailing Suggestions 2022
Here is a list of suggested blasters for the Philippine market in this Nerf retailing suggestions 2022 corner! What do you thinks?

With the arrival of the Tomahawk, Stryker Max, and X-Shot reskins in the local market – (they are the same old reliable X-Shot blasters, but with way better flair), I think it’s high time for our friendly local game stores to stock up on blasters that aren’t available in the local market – so welcome to the Nerf retailing suggestions 2022 corner! Here are some suggestions – and possible (short) reasons as to why our beloved stores should have them (our neighboring countries already have some or all of them, so why don’t we?)

Trailblazer (Hasbro)

If one wants the cool blue hue vibes and the Hasbro brand (in addition to having a better capacity and a slim profile that you can hide inside a pocket), then the friendly local game store should definitely introduce the Trailblazer! Hopefully, the price would also be affordable and/or logical.

Also, I am sure that those who love to have a blue-colored blaster would buy it off quickly.

Villainator (Dart Zone)

Who does not want the Villainator? It’s the blaster that defines “BANG for the BUCK”. If our friendly local game stores would stock it, I am pretty sure that everyone and their cat, dog, and mouse would rip it off the shelves. Obviously, since it’s the age of social media, SEO, YouTube, TikTok, and information, our casual players out there would already have a great idea about the Villainator’s performance.

Cornerfire (Dart Zone)

For the casual kids and players out there who want a working gimmick with great capacity, performance, and ergonomics, the Dart Zone Cornerfire is for you.

Who does not want a bending Nerf blaster that can shoot around corners? Who does not want to be that cool guy who has that unique blaster? Who does not want to have that unique advantage in stock CQB and backyard/field/jungle/island/farm battles?

If all of these appeal to your taste and gameplay, then the Dart Zone Cornerfire is definitely for you!

Motoblitz (Hasbro)

I think that this might be way expensive for most Filipinos, but it has a place in the hobby for those of us who want it.

Who does not want two blasters in one? Who does not want a flywheel and air-powered blaster in one? Who does not want to have a blaster that has a reliable performance and looks cool at the same time? Who does not want all of these from Hasbro?

I am sure that the Motoblitz would be a great pick for the Filipino players out there – it looks unique!

Boomdozer (Hasbro)

Again, economically speaking, the Boomdozer might be too expensive for most of the Philippines – however, those who are into Nerf would definitely buy this one. It’s a gigantic blaster class – bigger than the Elite and Mega class combined.

It’s literally a mobile projectile launcher – who does not want to feel tacticool?

Quickshot Blaster 2 pack (or 1 pack) (Dart Zone)

This (speaking of Strongarm, Disruptor, Reflex, and the like) is one of those blasters that you would find in a typical Filipino Nerf collection. Also, the two-pack allows you to go Akimbo (not really, but it looks cool) and play immediately with someone/use it as a loaner! It also looks great, performs well, and is just a joy to handle. As a result, the Quickshot should sell like siomai and mani at your local stores!

Raptorslash (Hasbro)

Strongarm and Disruptor, but looks way cooler and in-character, especially for the kids. Let’s hope that it doesn’t get priced too high!

Tri-Fire (Dart Zone)

This could be a viable option for those who are on a budget and who are already unable to bag a Triad. Really suits the Filipino penchant for budget dart blasters with an emphasis on relatively strong performance (for the size, just like the Triad).

Jurassic Park (Dart Zone)

How I wish they brought it along with the movie. Enough said – there would always be people (and kids) who are going to buy these anyway!

What do you think of the choices in the Nerf retailing suggestions 2022 corner?

I do sincerely hope that they introduce more choices (and events) to the Philippine Nerf market. I am sure that it would be widely appreciated not just by the local Nerf community, but also by the ordinary Filipino kids out there!

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