A Zombie and a Fat Kid: A Philippine Public School Story

a zombie and a fat kid
You have to understand that classrooms do not look like this in Philippine public schools. You’re lucky to have a class of 30 or less; 50 or 70 students per classroom is the norm.

This is the story of a zombie and a fat kid.

The year is 2005.

One rainy morning, I go inside a crowded classroom as the teacher starts to put up her visual on the dusty, green blackboard. The left side of the board contained manila paper, while the right side had different colors of cartolina paper.

The sign outside the cream-colored building said, “Donated by the Japan International Cooperation Agency to the Filipino people.”

Rain falls down from the heavens in a nigh-unstoppable torrent as it aimed to overpower the teacher’s voice.

I approach Vance (not his real name), who is the biggest dude in a class of 50 students.

He remarks me with a condescending look and says his favorite keyword:


I’ve had enough of this nonsense, I thought. After all, some of my friends and I have been suffering for some time due to his stupid antics. My mother always told me not to pick a fight first, but I had to do an exception for this one.

As soon as he finished uttering that word, I punch him squarely in the face, causing him to laugh hysterically and he starts to hit back as I dodge his endless stream of punches.

A punch connects with my left arm, sending me sideways.

“Is that all you’ve got?” I wanted to make him feel that he wasn’t able to do anything just yet. I wanted to make him feel like he was an invalid.

Without hesitating, I respond by throwing a book at him. Even though the book was heavy, he shrugs it away, his rage is unrestrained, like that of a wild animal who is about to devour its prey.

Vance shouted, “Come near me if you really want to fight me!”

“Yeah? Try catching me first, you pig! Oink oink!

“Carlo, Vance, stop!” shouts our teacher in vain. Many of my classmates have started cheering, curious as to who will win the matchup.

I listened to no one, for I was determined to bring down this bully, once and for all.

You have made me suffer for quite a long time, so learn how to greet my wrath!

When he approached me, I spat on his face to further provoke him, followed by a quick kick to his groin. Everything is fair game when you are up against someone who is way beyond your size!

At this point, he lost all of his humanity as he raged throughout the classroom. He became a monster whose skin had turned red, one who had sold his soul to the proverbial devil.

I kick both of his kneecaps, making him shout in pain. Once again, I dance around the room.

He starts to bellow curses and push around the classroom chairs in a violent manner. I continue to dance like a clown, making sure that his temper rises to uncontrollable levels.

All of a sudden, I run out of room to move around.

He comes forward with a mischievous smile on his face, slowly savoring the victory that he’s about to achieve.

Running out of options, I unleash my ultimate move. I wanted to deny him the satisfaction of victory; after all, the bad guys aren’t supposed to win, no?

Like a zombie from the movies, I bite his right arm, just below his shoulder, with all the energy that I could muster. I made sure that the bite went as deep as possible.

At first, he howled in pain. He tried to thrash around and break free from my bite. However, the more he moved, the deeper the bite went in.

Afterwards, a cloud of fear seemed to came to him as he sat down, shocked and terrified, unsure of the reaction that he should display.

He surely didn’t saw that one coming. He couldn’t say even a single word; he stayed still, frozen as ice. When he got his composure back, he just sat down and looked at his arm worryingly.

The rest of the class was simply stunned in silence. They certainly did not expect the savagery that came out from me.

“Carlo, why did you bite your classmate?” asked my teacher, who was just as shocked as the rest of the class was.

“Ma’am, he has been disturbing me. What did you want me to do, fight back with air and bad breath?”

“Carlo, that’s still not proper. I am going to call both of your guardians.”

After that quick talk with the teacher, I blocked my senses. I didn’t care at all. I just stared at Vance, oblivious of the things that were happening around me.

The next day, he was absent. Days have passed and his presence was missed by the students.

A week later, his grandmother came to school and asked for my mother. The teacher called the three of us for a parent-teacher conference. My mother came to school in order to confront her, as well as to know the truth regarding the incident.

I told them everything that happened, in brutal and exquisite detail. Vance’s grandmother turned pale at the revelation.

It turned out that he had acquired rabies from the bite that I gave him and that he needed a couple of shots in order to stabilize. In the meantime, I was listening to both of them as they argued in Chavacano.

“Why did your son do this to him? He did not need to bite him!”

“Come on, we all know that your son was the one who did it first. Everyone in class knows that Carlo will not strike first unless he has been repeatedly provoked…”

“Yes, I do know that and I am sorry for the troubles that he has caused to your son, But he’s in the hospital right now…”

“What do you want me to do about it? Go to a corner and cry?”

After a pause, my mother continued, “Look, if you want us to help your son, I just left my number with the teacher.”

“Ok, very well, thanks. Sorry again.”

I found out later that the grandmother paid all of Vance’s medical bills and that there was no need for my mother to come to school.

Two weeks later, he was back in class. He just sat down, opened his book and read his lesson.

During recess time, Vance looked at me in a different way as he went out of the classroom.

I saw fear in his eyes. That’s when I understood that he was never going to touch me again.

I hope you enjoyed the little story! Come here for more notes and reads! Thank you for your time!

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