June 18, 2024
random thoughts
random thoughts

Here are some random thoughts about life as a writer in the time of the quarantine.

So, here’s one truth about writers: They want to be read (or their works to be read). For me, I aim to become a widely-read writer.

            I used to think somewhere in these lines: Maybe no one’s going to read this (apart from my ever-supportive fiancée and a couple of avid readers); maybe there are people who are not on my email followers list who are going to read this – it’s a dice roll.

I thank everyone who bothers to actually read the blog – I think it is common knowledge that WordPress has a way of tracking the number of readers! Either way, it is okay for me, I have already accepted that a good amount of my friends are not interested when it comes to my non-gaming writing or pursuits.

            Back in the day, I have already resigned myself to the fact that only a few persons will read this. Sometimes, I wish that I grew up in an environment in which writing and writers are more cherished, but then I knew that I couldn’t choose my freaking place of birth, right?

However, I’m lucky that I get readers from all over the world nowadays. Surely, it’s not more than a hundred visitors a day. Certainly, it’s not the mind-blowing thousands of views that I was looking for. Most importantly, those people don’t look at my non-gaming content for the most part, but I guess it’ll work.

            This period in the time of quarantine also made me realize some things about writing and art in general: If I’m going to be an artist worth my salt, I don’t just have to practice and hone my craft, but at the same time gain new skills in life.

It doesn’t mean that it was easy for me to do so. First of all, I needed to survive in the time of the pandemic, and to take note of the things that I was going to miss during these times. It wasn’t easy at all, but apparently, I was able to handle it pretty well based on the fact that I’m alive and well!

            Despite the fact that all the things I’ve planned in life have been gutted by the novel coronavirus (there’s a ton of them to mention), I’m still thankful for the fact that I’m relatively healthy and that I’ve been given the chance to freely pursue my interests without having to worry whether it affected my real-life work.

            I can write now at my own pleasure. Thank God.

            But it’s hard not to think of the things that happened before, as well as the things that could happen after the lockdown that is caused by this pandemic.

Still, I’m grateful – at least for the chance to write my random thoughts.

Here are some other notes on my thoughts in the time of the quarantine!

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