April 19, 2024
This is my 200th blog post! Hope you enjoy reading!

So, I wonder about the things that life has brought me since July 2017.

200 blog posts have passed. I have a couple of dollars inside Google AdSense; I average 30 readers a day and I guess it’s safe to say that I can close my eyes and still find that some people are searching for my blog.

So, in that regard, I am successful – though I am looking forward to go to the Facebook offices in BGC one of these days in order to fix some technical issues…

I would probably say that I am lucky, for there’s no other word that could adequately describe my feelings at the moment.

At the same time, there were too many challenges. Be it trying to deal people with false people, dealing with people who can’t keep a promise, people who don’t mean what they say, technical problems and the like; I never felt those challenges for a very long time.

Yes, the people around me like to think that life is smooth-sailing, like a series of successful gigs that would make life look like a walk in the park to the outside observer.

If it was actually smooth, I would be writing this post in a very different way. But the reality is that my life was extremely scrappy; one challenge comes after another, followed by a good break…and the cycle went on like this for some time.

The thing is that at certain points, I got desperate about life; about the dreams that I have, about the choices that I made. I never came close to regretting my decisions before – and I actually envisioned of doing radical things that I would have never thought of in the past.

I felt that I wasn’t doing enough effort to reach my dreams. I felt that I was just wasting my time and effort at one point.

As a result of all these experiences, it would be better for me if I treat life as a journey that I should take one step at a time.

Still, I am thankful for the presence of my family, friends and my significant other in my life. I wouldn’t know what to do without them, to be honest!

In addition, the past 17 months or so have brought me blessings that I would never exchange for anything else. So, I guess the balance is actually skewed heavily towards the positive side of things.

All those good things that have happened in my professional life as well as “dream life” are so amazing that one post would not be enough to tell about it; I just hope that they actually translate into actual results in the future!

I just hope that it stays that way and that I have a healthy and wholesome life!

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