May 19, 2024

Apparently, today is my 24th birthday. I almost forgot that I was about to start my 24th year on Earth until my parents, friends and former students started to greet me early in the morning.

This means that I am just one year away from becoming 25 and some 65 years away from catching up with my Grandma’s age, who passed away at 90. This also means that I have some three to six years left to think about where would I want my life to go.

But then, we all know that it’s not just the numbers that matter.

When I started my 23rd birthday a year ago today, everything was working out smoothly. I was having a good time in my teaching job and I had all the things that I could possibly have during those days.

Out of nowhere, I started losing weight and I simply refused to believe that I was sick. However, there was no running away from it as I was tested positive for tuberculosis.

I already got the sickness once when I was a college student. I CERTAINLY DID NOT WANT TO BE CURSED WITH THE SAME DAMN DISEASE AGAIN and I don’t think I SIGNED UP FOR THIS. LUL.

Yet, it was there, in all its glory. Worse, I’ve got a close call with Mr. Ulcer, which was a result of bad choices in life.

So, instead of enjoying my December holiday, I writhed in bed like a worm for days at end, trying to think of ways on how to survive the next acidic release – for a simpler term, let’s just call it as “vomit”, shall we?

Then, in February, I came back. My students didn’t recognize me; I grew thin.

I was tired, but I wasn’t ready to give up on life. I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO!

Slowly, I started teaching again while taking my medicine.

I felt empty, like a shell. I wasn’t even a ghost of “myself”, if that concept ever existed. My mind kept on going back to this question:

What if the medications fail? What if the vitamins fail?

But in the end, it all came through. Yeah, this time around, in record time: six months.

I am thankful to the Almighty for giving me a chance to experience good and wholesome health once again. Since then, I became more careful with the things that I ate and drank.

Besides the unbelievable sick leave, I was happy that my teaching was quite decent. I submitted my school requirements in time, I was able to help with some activities in school and most importantly, my students (I hope) have learned something from me.

As an aspiring aspiring writer (yes, I know it’s tiring to hear me ramble about this, but I can’t just help myself, so please bear with me), I was published quite a good number of times. And YOUNG BLOOD, I’M BACK! DID YOU MISS ME?

This guy also got a lot of new books: Dune, Dark Forest, etc. etc. Books are indeed magical.

I also got to see places with my friends: Camaya Coast, Tarlac, Pangasinan – the possibilities were endless. I got to drink unlimited shakes, eat all the steaks and chicken I wanted in my life and play all the board games that I wanted!

In other words, it was still a good year, just loaded with a ton of obstacles that just crashed through my life.

And oh, I get a lot of better photos now. At least, I’ll have some evidence whenever I go out of town!

I have learned that health is indeed worth its weight in gold.

I also learned that life is indeed a marathon; you’ve got to concede some things in order to be able to get what you want.

And I’m still not a fan of waiting for things to come. If I know that I can start working towards it, then I’ll do it.

Waiting for tomorrow or waiting for Godot is not my thing.

I’m looking forward to a healthier year…and a much, much, much better 24th year!

And oh, I want a simple life.

And thanks for being patient with my random ramblings!

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