February 21, 2024

Yes, we are angry birds. Whoops!

25 years, thoughts and whatnot. The author is now 25...so what is this all about?


They say it is the prime of life. They say it is the time when one is at the peak of one’s youth.

For me, it is another reminder of the fact that I’m extremely lucky to be alive, to experience life, to see new and different things, to be able to chase one’s dream, to be with the ones whom I love the most.

So, since it’s my day, let me indulge a bit and have a stream of consciousness or whatever that is.

It is a great year, better than what I expected.

Of course, there were challenges and hard days, but I always reminded myself that life isn’t defined by the uphill struggles one has, but rather the happy days and results that soon follow.

I have many reasons to be thankful, both for reasons that I can tell (having a fulfilling line of work, being able to pursue my dreams a bit, even if it is just a bit, seeing success with it, etc.) and the reasons that I can’t tell (they’re too personal for me to talk in public – I am more of the laid-back person, I guess).

At least, with a good health bill, I can play the games that I want at home, read the books that I want, write stuff, watch games and do some other things in a rather relaxed way.

I am thankful for that opportunity.

Then, I realized that I’m already 25 and I’ve yet to complete travelling to 10 countries before I turn 30 (Some peers at my age argue that one should have travelled to 30 countries before 30, but let’s be real here, unless one’s parents actually travel as a family, children would (mostly) not be able to go to another country on their own unless they turn 16 or something). So far, I’ve done two (Turkey and Malaysia) and I realized that the travel portfolio was a bit lacking.

So I aim to travel to 10 countries before I turn into 30. Let’s see if I can actually reach that goal!

Then, there’s the issue of health – twice I saw the same disease, many times I became so sick that I was wondering what in the world did I do to my body. The answer is that I wasn’t really that physically strong, though. Yet, 2018 was a good year in the sense that I was mostly healthy…and I made sure I got the proper number of hours of sleep.

Yeah, I made sure I never screwed up my body this year. I guess that’s really worth it!

Then, there are people and there are opinions.

You see, I’m the person who speaks out their mind on things, without mincing words. I hate doing that. If you’re going to make a point across, why sugarcoat or go around the bush in the first place? In addition, I tend to see things differently than most people…and there are times that they are so unpopular that people REALLY HATE IT especially when it TURNS OUT TO BE RIGHT.

Yes, we are angry birds. Whoops!

Sure enough, I lost a lot of “friends” and I don’t have a lot of friends at this point in life, so I think that’s a little bit of a loss, but at least, I guess I can sleep well, knowing that I didn’t have to relinquish my stand on certain things.

Also, as a person, I don’t believe in the word compromise – especially when it comes to this situation: You are right. You know you can win. Why compromise for the sake of attaining a tenuous peace at best? I know that those who read this would be shocked – but then, those who know me aren’t shocked already: Compromise is a sign of weakness, a sign that one does not have the strength to attain one’s targets or stand by one’s decisions.

If there’s something I learned in life, it’s that you should stand by the decision that you make – to the bitter end.

Then, I saw over the past 25 years that life is beautiful. You’ll never know where the strands of fate will bring you.

Oh. Wow.

You’ll never know who will you meet, how will your life unfold, which places you will discover.

Finally, I am so lucky. REALLY, like winning the lottery 1000 times in a row. I am so thankful to the Almighty for all the blessings and good and bad days that I had – as well as putting meaning and purpose on everything I see in life. Hey, if you look it from a cynic’s perspective, it could have been worse (to put it simply – bad year, though I find myself unsubscribing from that point of view nowadays, thinking that there is always a lot of positives in the long run).

So, I am hoping to see a better life – especially with the people that I cherish the most.

I guess that concludes my happy 25 years!

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