April 19, 2024

The first day I came to this place, I knew that it would be the start of something amazing.

Everyone knows what Baguio is: A place considered to be the “Summer Capital” of the Philippines; a place where history, cuisine and nature coincide.

Then, I saw that Baguio is more than that.

Let me tell you a quick tale.

In the morning, when you see the fog, it is a shroud that covers you and makes you await in anticipation of the adventures that you will do when the sun clears out everything.

You start with a jog at Camp John Hay, savor the morning dew, look at the lush greens and maybe say hi to the other people who are also doing their morning routine.

Suddenly, you get the urge to try the canopy ride…or the canopy fall at the activity center. You decide that you wanted some adrenaline for the day.

Then, as noontime comes, you don’t feel the deadly heat of the lowlands even though the sun is high up there, shining brightly and crowning the city with its majesty and journey.

This is defined by your trips to The Mansion, Wright Park, Botanical Gardens and just almost every other park that has an activity or a mark of nature on it.

The flowers are just amazing to watch…pat yourself on the shoulder if you catch a bee, a butterfly or a dragonfly roaming around and doing its business.

As one walks the streets of Baguio, it can be seen that they can’t be described as “mean”; indeed, even though the streets are arduous and physically taxing, they never created a dark state of mind.

In the afternoon, you eat the strawberry taho and try to get yourself some peanut brittle. You try to look back at the day and you realized that you haven’t actually discovered what Baguio has to offer.

The City Hall, Baguio Cathedral, Diplomat’s Hotel – it seems as if you are going back into time as you feel the voices emanating from the past.

Finally, when night falls and you go back to the hotel, you close your eyes.

You’re excited for another day in the city.

There’s a lot more to see. In fact, the city seems to have no end…only a beginning, defined by the large rock that is emphatically called the “Lion’s Head”.

And you do wish that you never have to leave this place…

But the next best thing you can do is to keep the memories that you have inside your heart and hope that you don’t forget them throughout your lifetime.

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