May 19, 2024

Frostpunk means a lot for me, because this is the first game that I bought with my own hard-earned money on Steam.

With that being said, I never regretted spending some 700 pesos ($14) on it.

So, what in the world is Frostpunk?

Frostpunk is a city-building game set in a science-fiction setting, in which the Earth went a period of something they call “global cooling.”

The British Empire, seeing that this winter is going to last forever, undertook the “Generator Project” where people can build cities around steam generators designed to withstand the extreme cold and keep everyone warm and cozy.

Then, the winter just jacks up to some -120 degrees, which is more than enough to kill off nearly anything on this planet.

Nice and dystopic times, no?

My Experience

When I first saw Frostpunk on the Internet, I knew that I wanted to play that game. Everything just felt right: the prospect of city-building, determining the fate of a (virtual) society, facing difficult choices, etc.

Admittedly, I haven’t played “This War of Mine”, though I heard that it was a great game also.

It was crazy, having to pause, then reconsider, then reallocate, then do something else…

In Frostpunk, there’s no such thing as free time: Everything is fair in the age of global cooling!

As for the moral dilemmas, it was quite easy to choose the stuff that would be “morally acceptable” (read: not going into child labor) while at the same time still maintaining efficiency (that’s 14-hour to 24-hour work shifts for you, my friend.)

It was a great game, though my laptop is barely able to handle it (it is a 2015 relic that runs on a GeForce GTX960M processor).

I am happy that I survived the game in my own way, even though I suck hard at micromanaging stuff.


So far, I’ve finished…

  • Main Scenario: Normal
  • Main Scenario: Easy
  • The Arks: Easy
  • The Refugees: Easy

I’m planning to finish The Arks and The Refugees on Normal while having my summer leave…and try to find a way to tackle Hard without being kicked out of the government!

Overall Thoughts

This is easily one of the best games that I have played, in terms of immersion, design and storytelling.

I really hope to see more games like this in the coming months!

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