One day, when I was a duty teacher during lunch time at school, I overheard four friends who were talking about a certain topic.

It turns out that they were planning to have a “sibling exchange program.” Obviously, I cannot recreate exactly their conversation…and it is interesting that they were talking about it despite their age. So weird!

M: I want to give my sister to you, S! She is so … hmmmp!

S: Yeah, I’ll give my brother to you, I want to try to have a sister instead of a guy in the house.

E: How about me, my sister is a couch potato in the house, won’t you want to have her?

S: Hmmmm, maybe we can think about it. But maybe first, I’ll give my brother to M, then maybe we can exchange.

M: I want to have a brother!

S: As for me, I want to have a big sister!

The three friends have came to an agreement about “exchanging their siblings.”

The fourth friend was just staring blankly at them. Then I asked:

“Hey, I don’t think you want to exchange your cute little sister for theirs, right?”

She replied curtly, “Yeah, teacher, besides, she’s smart and she’ll always treat you well anyway!”

At least, that makes for one happy and contented big sister.

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