So, I had my first edition of Critical Takes with the group performances. Now’s the time to go for individual mentions – I typically look for the one that immediately grabbed my attention as a viewer, for I have to admit that although I have some background in stagecraft (or look at overall performances, for that matter), I don’t have what it takes to analyze individual ones and how they are interconnected with the impact that they make in the parts that they get to have solo acts.

For groups that did not have anyone who stood out, I tend to go towards the recommendation of the adviser of that class and match it with my observations.

Obviously, this does not represent the opinions of any of the teachers or the management or the students or any stakeholder in the FIS community.

Nursery/Kinder: Currently None

There’s actually somebody here, but I forgot his/her name. Maybe if I get to watch the video feed with someone actually familiar with the names of the students…then that’s the time I’ll pick up my choice.

Preparatory: Currently None

Same case with Nursery here…

Grade 1: Celine Dyhengco (Fear, Changing Faces)

To put it bluntly, her performance was 100% consistent from the first round of rehearsals to the big stage itself. As a result, it was extremely easy to pick her as my choice.

Grade 2: Currently None

I am waiting for the adviser’s nomination on this one. None stood out, which is rather indicative of the level of production that this particular musical has.

Grade 3: Currently None

It is a close call here actually. There’s a lot of choices – so I want to wait for the adviser’s recommendations first.

I’d like to bet that Taha and Nayla are at least in the list. I might be wrong, though.

Grade 4: Naomi Rance (Store Owner, Pray)

Well, her stage presence on the stage is simply wonderful. Strong moves, strong emotions, strong voice, strong everything.

Grade 5: Ayesha Khalili (Toy Story)

As usual. ‘Nuff said. Can’t we have another one next year please?

Nothing wrong here, but that just shows how much the rest of the class needs to step up when it comes to performances like this.

Grade 6: Sharjela Dalidig (What About Us)

This one is another given. Like, seriously, can’t we have more performers from this class – or is it simply because the girl gives 150% every time when she is in front of an audience?

Overall Male Performer

I am inclined to give it to Taha Tabaroki (Grade 3, Our Tribe), Jan Smigielski (Grade 4, Pray) or Omer Fatih Uzum (Grade 6, What About Us). It’s a hard pick, though the one that stood out during the night was Omer, so yeah, that’s him I guess.

Besides, he deserved it after showing a ton of work polishing his craft during practice sessions.

Overall Female Performer

Last year, it was easy as eating peanuts and drinking Coca-Cola.

This year though, it’s a tough nut to crack.

Between many of the top picks from the different classes, all of them showed up massively.

However, this year, I’ll go for consistency over novelty – and if that’s the case, then Sharjela Dalidig showed up year after year, on top of making strong performances in every instance, regardless of the role she takes. This is what is meant by high-level consistency. I am hoping that she continues to improve in high school…

If you ask me though who made the ultimate breakout this year, Naomi Rance had it all: Her impact for the seconds that she spent in her solo act are priceless.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the FIS Musical Notes! For the previous one, come here!

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