Musical 2018: Critical Takes

No children were harmed in the production of this blog post.

Once again, I take off my kid gloves as I reveal my choices for the best of Fountain International School’s Elementary Musical 2018. Otherwise known as “Voices and Steps,” this year’s musical involved a lot of emotions and feelings and I guess I can say that this musical was better than last year’s edition in a number of ways.

To start with, the productions had proper lights and sounds, as well as quick access to a huge stage where they can actually move around and show their talents. Also, this year’s musical was more colorful and synchronized, which is a good improvement if one thinks about it.

As usual – and this time around, I’m credited as the Technical Producer for the school musical, except for the portion where I helped Grade 1 with some of the aspects of their production. Thus, I’ll be a bit biased when it comes to their performance, simply because I want them to succeed on the big stage!

On another note, some people think differently about the conduct of the musical. To each his own.

Here are the big winners of this year’s musical!

With one of my opposite numbers in the high school department, Mr. Muezz.

Best Choreography: Pray

I had a hard time choosing between Grade 3 and Grade 4, however, let’s face the truth: Pray’s dance moves were really good and they were very synchronized.

Best Direction of a Musical

Unlike the previous year, this one wasn’t easy at all.

As I said, this might be laced with bias, but if it came down to two choices, I should say that Grade 6 or Grade 1 should have the nod for this year’s one.

Grade 1 had maximum effect in terms of the overall production: From the elements used to the visual cues provided by the video and audio tracks used, the message was 150% understood by the audience. The children’s emotions were more than enough to bring out the said message and as a result, despite a ton of problems during practice, the were able to deliver their respective parts effectively.

Meanwhile, for the Grade 6, although their choreography wasn’t was solid as that of the Grade 3 or Grade 4, the way that they expressed their messages was very much in character. To put it short, expect this batch to own the “Junior Category” if they were to go up to High School – I see a good amount of promise in them.

Best Costume Design

This should go to this year’s Grade 5 production, entitled “Toy Story.”

To put it bluntly, having an art teacher who’s willing to put up the time and effort to make quality costumes for his students should have ran away with this category anyway.


Best TECHNICAL Production

For those unfamiliar with what a technical production looks like, this includes the set, the audio and video package, as well as the creative decisions on how to integrate costumes with the theme of the musical.

This goes hands down to the Grade 2 team who did their stagecraft in an amazing way. The video and audio feed were already unbelievably excellent.

Side swipe: I cringed at the blatant use of the word “Summer” at the beginning of their video though. It could have been done in a more subtle way.

The overall presentation was so good that if they have just stepped up their choreography and message packaging by 30%, they could have ran away with the entire musical.

Breakout Group of the Year

If anyone has noticed from the previous entry back in my previous blog, they were given the Most Talented Cast award last year.

This time around though, should go to the Grade 3 students, because many of the other grades were already performing well before this!

Basically, this is the second time in a row that they got a related award in my eyes. It’s time to see if they actually win the entire shtick next year!

So there we go, ladies and gentlemen for part one of the FIS Voices and Steps musical 2018 selections!

Part 2 and Part 3 will appear soon!!!

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  1. The show was excellently monitored and managed. It was fantastic and the performances reflected the theme of the Musical. It was well noted that kindness and togetherness are needed in a diverse world.

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