April 19, 2024

April 25, 2018.

The weather is stifling hot, making me feel uncomfortable in my school uniform. It feels as if there’s a thick blanket wrapped around me, making my movements heavier.

Then, out of nowhere, it rains hard. They say it’s a type of mercy – a way to refresh the land and make people’s minds clearer.

Oddly, it didn’t take away the heat at all. It just made everything more humid, which meant that once the rain is gone, we will all feel the heat more intensely…and oh, did I mention that I have a ton of papers to do?

Well, thankfully, it’s easy to remain focused these days.

Deep inside me, I actually laughed at the notion of my students becoming YouTubers or doing digital content creation.

Outside, I just smiled. If only they knew what it meant to be a YouTuber (beyond the eight hours or more of work, as well as the personal sacrifices one has to endure before even breaking out).

I didn’t want to burst their bubble, so I didn’t say anything at all.

However, at least I’m happy that they are able to acknowledge the reality of the world around them. I just hope that they’re ready to pay the price for their dreams, especially for those who really want to get into this path.

Most of the time, life is beautiful.

Sometimes, people forget this.

Just look at the beauty of this flower. Isn’t it nice to see it bloom?

Uncertainty is something that I actually hate a lot. I don’t want anyone putting a spanner into my plans.

Well, thankfully it’s just the weather, though I’m uncertain if I’m still actually living here in the Philippines at this point – change does came extremely fast indeed!

Even though some of my students can be extremely naughty, I’m quite happy for them – they know how to appreciate good books and poetry. Yay!

Well, reflecting on the past, I realized that there’s a great contentment in knowing that you have been able to try your best.

Sometimes, it is hard to try to do one’s best – especially if one doesn’t like the job at hand.

But perseverance has its own rewards!

I’m quite tired now to think after doing tons of pages of exam papers as well as other school-related paperwork. On top of that, I needed to do three articles!

For those curious how come do I have a ton of jobs, here they are:

  1. Being a simple English teacher at a small private school
  2. Being a content creator for an Asian esports site
  3. Being a writer (yes, this is what I really want to do)
  4. Being a consultant for an esports company. Oh well.
  5. Being a content editor for a local esports site.

It’s busy, but it’s fulfilling for now. However, I am looking forward to the day that I can pour more energy into my writing aspirations!

I guess that is all for today. That’s one hectic period behind me…and more hectic periods ahead!

Let’s get it on? Fighting!



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