Breakfast: One cupcake, one glass of milk, one bowl of oatmeal.

That was one long and tiring week. Yet, the job’s not yet over.

People might be curious about what it takes to handle technical production for, say, a school production.

Normally, there’s a stage director (who’s basically the creative brain of the production), a production manager (who is the design master of the production and coordinates with the stage director), and a technical director who just sits down and tells people how to set up their props as well as the designs that were approved by the other two guys.

However, since the school that I work for is quite small, well, the workload has been divided in a rather different way, with the class advisers conducting many of the phases of their respective productions. Meanwhile, I was assigned to coordinate technical production, while a senior teacher headed the floor (and provided directions for the general choreography and flow of the program as well.)

Yesterday (March 1) is one of those days where I regale the class with a multitude of jokes, involving their pictures and whatnot.

I will not post the pictures here, simply because I don’t have their permission to do so outside of a school setting. But it was extremely funny.

Breakfast: One cupcake, one glass of milk, one bowl of oatmeal.

Meanwhile, today, March 2, was a rather shorter day in comparison to the rest – and I’m happy that the program went well.

Apart from a couple of sound problems and backdrop stuff

Lunch: Beef steak, carbonara with tuna, rice, mango juice

I don’t know how it will turn out, but I want to believe that it will turn out well. Everyone has poured down their efforts; aside from a couple of children who were under-performing, the rest of the crowd did their assigned roles well.

With the conclusion of the first general rehearsal today, the actual countdown towards the big day begins.

Dinner: A good one maybe?

PS: I have enough money to buy new books. But I promised myself not to buy new ones until July. Should I break that promise?

That’s it, I guess – and Friday’s not yet finished!


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