Just Another Teacher’s Diary: 03.30.2018

Breakfast: Steamed rice, fresh eggs and fresh milk.

Weight: 66 kilograms. I think it’s time to really reconsider my weight gain strategy: I’m just four kilos away from the maximum ideal weight of 70!!!

The weather: Like a spoiled teenage girl. It’s warm in the early morning; stuffy by noon and quite rainy by the evening.

Lunch: One piece of bread, a ton of lumpia shanghai

It’s been 11 days since I logged on my diary. Well, I was busy juggling my time…and as a matter of fact, I was about to sleep today, but then I realized that I’m supposed to write something…practically anything that I could get my hands on.

I have just checked my students’ papers and I am happy that they have shown improvements in their writing. For me, writing at this age is not just about the form, the structure or the style (though all of them are vital towards the creation of better writing); it’s about giving the room for them to be able to express themselves in a variety of ways and allowing them to discover for themselves the difference between creative writing and doing proper third-person write-ups (journalism, essays, etc.)

My students used to have a hard time understanding certain concepts of writing. It was unbelievably frustrating and yes, I did rip someone’s paper off to the trash bin once, simply due to the fact that it was horrible.

Many would cringe at that method (especially when applied to an elementary school setting), but the odd truth is that it’s a rather common practice among writers who happen also to be teachers at the same time.

As these people say, better to swallow the bitter truth once than live in a web of soft-spoken lies.

Thus, I can’t help but become happy that my students have understood in their own way what good writing is (and how to read good stuff also, although that’s a completely different topic in itself.)

Dinner: Rice and barbecue chicken

What the heck did I do? Some traveling…

I’m quite happy about my students. I hope that they continue to improve and keep loving and living the art of writing in their own little way!


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