Breakfast: A couple of muffins, strawberry-flavored milk, a bowl of oatmeal.

Weight: Still going strong at 66 kilograms.

It’s been a very long time since I have written a post about my teaching life; well, having a very long holiday and getting extremely busy afterwards made sure that I would be unable to write a post for a very long time = 18 days to be exact.

Well, at least, I finally get something to ensure that I’ll be able to make my students love good writing. A lot of them actually.

It’s not easy to teach the love of reading or writing to young students, as many people would attest.

Well, it is the National Poetry Writing Month (#NaPoWriMo) in the United States, and what a good way to pair it with something the National Literature Month in the Philippines!

It’s nice to see students love poetry…especially good poetry.

It also helps that they want to write poems…

Lunch: Baked bangus, rice, apple iced tea

Teaching can be one hell of a challenge sometimes. Especially on Mondays.

Well, between the hectic seven periods of work, the one period I needed to use for disciplinary stuff and the one period I allotted to check and update my class records, it has been a very, very busy Monday.

What’s more, I needed to do some paperwork on top of it!


That’s a nice day – by evening, I already felt like a dead automaton.

Thankfully, these days are rare.

Only three weeks left to teach things.

Three. Weeks.

I do hope that I would be able to teach and impart as much as I can.

Especially for the sake of the senior students who are going to leave Fountain International School in May.

I’d be scared to hell if I found out that they would have difficulties in terms of understanding English and comprehending the nuances of reading and writing.

I do hope that students learn to love reading at an early age.

That means a lot in this age where people aren’t able to focus on anything that is non-AV (audio-visual); that’s a good edge if you ask me.

Dinner: Two pieces of fried chicken, rice, apple juice

Let’s see how it works out.

I’m very excited to see the year end!

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