Breakfast: rice, chicken hotdogs, milk

Weight: 75 kilograms. I hope it stays that way.

This is the first time that I have stayed beyond hours inside the faculty room. I needed to check a couple of quizzes and projects, so I went back to school even though I have just finished taking my Master’s classes for the day.

To be honest, it felt good being a student once again. I felt that I learned new things every single day from my Master’s degree and I never felt the excitement of learning for a very long time until I started taking those undergraduate courses in poetry writing and Philippine literature.

It shows that there is much to be learned in this world and that we should not stop learning.

Meanwhile, the testing period is quickly approaching and this means that there is a ton of requirements to be completed: Making exams, creating answer keys, finishing lessons and reviewing students are among the top concerns of teachers at this point in time.

It’s not easy to do it all and not to lose track of it. I know that I suck at micromanagement, but I also feel that I have improved in this regard over the past few years.

I am confident that I can do it!

The thing about lowering the age of criminal liability is that it promotes a culture of quick punishment and terror, instead of an environment where education prospers and rehabilitation is encouraged.

Even at this rate, tens of thousands of children already languish in prisons for petty crimes and/or crimes that they did not do

I really wonder what happened to “the youth are the hope of the future.”

Is this the state our beloved country fell into?

This is my fourth year in teaching now. It’s less challenging than before, but surprises are still abound in the teaching profession.

You don’t know whether you’ve created an impact on your students’ lives positively or negatively without looking at the futures that they traverse.

Yes, I always say that I am not exactly a fan of teaching and I would have taken a different job if I had the chance. Heck, I’d even go and get a bureaucratic career despite my hate towards bureaucrats.

But then, teaching is quite good in the sense that you get to meet people, learn new things along the way and see students change into the better.

This is I think the reason most teachers stay in educational careers despite everything that they face.

I remember the days when I competed in the numerous press conferences. Although I never had a chance to get to the National Schools Press Conference, campus journalism still helped me see that I could do something when it comes to writing.

I had fun checking the newspaper articles of my Grade 4 students.

Not bad for their first attempts, I must say. I guess I’ll have another competent and talented batch of participants for the next season!

Dinner: Chicken, potato fries, rice

I just hope that I don’t gain a lot of weight!

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