Breakfast: One cupcake, one glass of milk, one bowl of oatmeal.

Goals for the day: Just survive and render at least one or two videos. Focus on creating stuff for the Musical.

It’s been another week of classes and practice for the upcoming musical.

Supposedly, Friday is a rest day.

But not today.

Definitely not – I’m supposed to render multiple videos, fix audio tracks and help with Grade 1’s concepts for the musical.

Well, at least I didn’t have to worry too much about lessons as all of my scheduled classes were light – albeit with moved quizzes.

In addition, there were certain periods used to make the dry run of the Musical.

On another note, the school decided to buy a ton of books from the Big Bad Wolf book fair. I really wonder whether we will hit the bullseye this time in terms of the balance between books that children will enjoy and content which will add to their educational knowledge.

The school’s library is a fledgling one. Though this means that there are only a few books; it also means that it’s easier to steer the contents of the library towards a desired direction.

Thankfully, my students were cooperative today. Not that it mattered – they were tired anyways.

It took me one hour to render that video, only to find out that it didn’t work well inside my computer.


It seems that I need to render it again on Sunday. I don’t want to do it the next day, for I’m pretty sure that I’ll come home early after a long foray at the Big Bad Wolf book fair.

The book fair is a completely different topic altogether.

Lunch: Ground beef, squash, rice

After lunch, it’s more of the same tedious technical work, as well as some public relations aspects of the musical. I actually enjoy the latter – the students and the rest of the school community who sees the cast leave the bulletin board with smiles on their faces.

Then, the director of the school called us for a little chit-chat.

He reminded us the importance of the musical and the value that it adds to the lives of our students.

Well, frankly, I want a better production in terms of the technical side of things – and foremost, to prevent technical problems from popping up on the day of the musical itself.

There is almost no room for error. Three minutes of grace; if my team and I were to prove unable to fix it, then the whole shebang goes into a veritable mess.

Now, some people may think that it’s pointless to teach students theatrical arts.

The bitter truth is that those young children need to learn them, especially in this age.

Theater teaches people how to budget their time and money. It teaches people empathy. It teaches people catharsis; it allows people to reflect on their own lives without feeling the gravity and the negative weight that comes with it.

This does not include yet the perspectives as well as the worldview that builds up with being involved in a theatrical production.

Finally, the art of theater teaches us to express our feelings, to show emotions and to hide them; to be confident in the face of challenges…as well as the obvious comparison of facing an audience that has diverse tastes and wants.

Sure, television, film, paintings, sculptures and writing give just as much as theater does.

However, there’s a reason theater holds a special place in general culture.

Just think about it.

Dinner: Chicken soup, fried chicken, rice. Chicken soup’s quite yummy, actually.

At least, I have finished three videos already, after staying all the way up to 9:00 p.m.

Now, time to sleep and prepare for the next day!

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