Just Another Teacher’s Diary: Unexpected Notes

As part of our English class for the third trimester, we discussed different subjects at school. We wanted to see in class the different experiences that students need to undergo before they get that sacred piece of document called the “diploma”.

There was an exercise where the class needed to discuss which subjects they thought should be placed at the top of the curriculum (apart from English).

The subjects that were in the Cambridge exercise were as follows:

  • Mother Tongue
  • Foreign Languages
  • Literature
  • Maths
  • Sciences
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Arts
  • Cooking (Home Economics)
  • Individual Sports
  • Team Sports
  • Humanities
  • Gardening
  • ICT

Out of the 14 subject areas mentioned, the students liked Science, ICT, Maths, Home Economics and Humanities, with at least 75% of the class raising their hands when it comes to these subject areas.

Here were their reasons why did they put those subjects at the top:

  1. According to the students, they love Science a lot.
  2. They also liked messing around with computers and tablets,
  3. Mathematics is needed in real-life applications.
  4. They just want to cook for themselves and learn something out of it.
  5. The students are actually into history, geography, etc.

There were two subjects that had surprisingly high turnouts. First was Literature: I expected that only a few people would like it; however, 6 out of 10 people inside the class were actually interested in literature (reading, books, etc.) Normally, Literature only becomes interesting in high school and college, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see elementary students having an interest in it.

The next one would be Gardening. I expected only two or three people to choose it; however, almost half of the class raised their hands, stating reasons such as “we love the environment” and that “we wanted to take care of the plants properly”.

As for the low turnout of sports, this may be attributed to the low natural affinity of this batch of students towards sports, despite the fact that some of the boys are really good at it.

Well, for my part, I found it interesting that my students thought of it in that way.

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