Mother’s Day: A Tribute to my Mamang

mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day, they say. I miss
the arroz de mar that you cook for
us. I want more of your leche flan.
Bien sabroso gayot. I miss you.

I recall the lessons that you gave me.
Be as strong as a bulwark. Be a light
against the darkness of the world. Times will
be hard, but through prayer you’ll prevail.

I remember the days when we were poor.
Yet you were our light and guide, even if
it meant that we had to eat bahao rice.
At least, we roast manok on birthdays!

Happy Mother’s Day, they say. I want
to see you again and bring you to new
places. Maybe become a doña,
even for a while. I love you Mamang.

Cuidao tu pirmi ali
. Enjoy your great day!

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