April 19, 2024

After reflecting on certain stuff over the past few days, I realized a couple of things.

In the past, I didn’t invest on myself. Then, when I started to have a proper salary three years ago, I started doing it. I guess the results are there, more or less.

I guess I had to learn this one the long way – thankfully, I didn’t have to grasp this thing the hard way.

I want to be able to show high-quality work – something that I’m going to be proud of, even if it means lurking in the shadows for a long period of time.

My dream in life is to be able to be somewhere that I can do a lot of impact.

And I always believed that I can do it through writing.

I used to suck in interpersonal relations – for the simple reason that I was a very odd introvert, as well as the many, many, many bad events that happened in the past when it came to interacting with people.

They say, “don’t let the past define your life.”

Let’s see what happens.

I want to start as soon as possible, because apart from the exceptions that are far and few between, many of those people who have achieved their dreams started it early.

I don’t want to reach 30 and not having done anything in my life.

That’s simply the life that I don’t want to live.

There are two other things that I wanted to point out.

First, put your money where your mouth is; that is, take action to support one’s statements or opinions.

If you say that you actually love something, then find a freaking way to pursue it – even if you can’t do it fulltime, then just do it.

No one respects a person who keeps on talking about doing that thing (or this thing) without actually actively taking steps to pursue it.

Secondly, don’t rely on the kindness of your friends, especially those who are providing creative, design or content creation or whatever service that they offer (or the abilities that they have).

Whether you pay generously, pay the industry standard or pay with a reasonable discount – the bottomline is to appreciate and pay the time, effort and quality that they’re showing.

Let’s be frank here: No one lives with praise, good feedback, exposure or any of those intangible things. These people also need money to live – and besides, proper payment allows them to pursue their actions (or the work that they love) without having to worry about their next meal or worrying about having to forfeit their social lives.

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