Since I’m a teacher of English at an elementary institution, I’m included in the World Teacher’s Day Celebration. YAY!

This is typically the time of the year where teachers get impromptu visits from their students, get tons of gifts and eat lots of food and drink. Just a reminder of the roller coaster ride that teachers have to endure

Each Teacher’s Day followed a certain theme. For my first year, it was the fact that I. For my second year, it was all about the Grade 5 at the time (who are currently the Grade 6).

For this year, it’s Achievement Unlocked! Getting a greeting from a student whose class you don’t teach a lot is something that I find curiously satisfying and fulfilling. After all, most students know only the teachers who teach them directly (though there are certainly exceptions to this rule of thumb).

So, I’m happy this Teacher’s Day. Quite fulfilling, especially with the fact that I was able to administer four quizzes today.

Just kidding – though I did administer the quizzes.

What’s important is that students see you happy on that day…and that you’re thankful for the blessings that you’ve received and (going to receive) during the academic year.


I am thankful to my former teachers for molding a good percent of the person that I am right now. That should say something about how their teaching has entered my life.

I never thought that I would be a teacher.

But then, here I am, on my third year and counting. I’m just hoping that I get to pass the licensure exam and finally get my professional teaching license by 2018!

I will always remember the times that I almost failed in class, or the times that I was caught red-handed as a student.

Always reminds me of the times that I have to stand on the opposite side of the fence.

Fragmented thoughts aside, I’m wishing everyone a Happy Teacher’s Day! Toasting towards more years of inspiring young minds and opening new horizons!

Also, here’s a good song that I found today:

Enjoy the rest of the day (or night!) #LSS #TeachersDayGalore #WakNaTulokNa

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