May 19, 2024
I never realized that I was already teaching for four years!

On this hot, sizzling summer day, I finish my four years of teaching.

Between the necessary paperwork and the remaining tasks, I felt elated that it was finally over. It is great to see students improving and learning new things in the classroom. I feel happy whenever my students ask me questions, though sometimes I am very tired to answer them at all!

Having seven classes and teaching third graders were challenges on their own. This meant that I have to do seven types of class preparation, so there are times that it was extremely tiring.

However, for me it was great. Being able to do something and see its results at the same time was the greatest achievement that I could ask as a teacher.

I’ll never claim that I am a good teacher. Everyone who knows me is aware that I am not exactly that inclined to teach. Regardless, I still do my best for I am aware of the responsibilities that my profession is expecting from me.

When I think about it, there are many things to be things to be thankful for, memories to keep forever and victories to celebrate for a lifetime. While there are little setbacks and defeats here and there, the overall picture is that it is extremely positive and fulfilling as far as this year is concerned.

I will never forget this year’s batch of Journalism students. They were really willing to learn and they had the drive to win, which was extremely important. Our results could not have been better: Two medals for individual categories and one big prize for winning the English elementary newspaper category in the city. This was followed by another third-place photography finish at the end of the year, so this meant that we could walk up with our heads up high when this is all over!

I will also never forget the students who say hi, the students who always smile, the students who were never afraid of talking to me, the students who kept on trying to learn and the students who asked me if it was better for me not to teach at all (and spend my time in a “bigger and plushier” job) – it seems that this is the second straight year that my students asked me this question.

Maybe that time will come. But not now.

For I know that there’s still a couple of journeys to finish. After all, the quest that defines education never ends until the grave.

It is a happy school year for me, I just hope to have another good one next year!!!

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