June 15, 2024

So, today’s another day to look back at the events that happened.

  1. Passion (that’s generally known as “puso” in Tagalog) is never enough to be able to reach one’s dreams (or goals, as some others may put it). Progress, process and (a) product should come afterwards, especially if you’re aiming to be able to make a certain level of output. I don’t know whether it’s too late in the day to remind myself of this fact, but I’m certain that as long as I’m alive and kicking, I’ll definitely do my best to apply this point to my life.
  2. Holy crap. After trying Turkish food for a couple of days, I realized that my throat started to have that burning feeling again. This is despite the fact that it wasn’t spicy at all (but then, tomato paste is as acidic as hell). Compared with many of the Filipino dishes that I eat – and heck, even fried chicken in fastfood chains seem to be a somewhat safer choice than MOST TURKISH FOOD.
  3. Which goes to the other point – spicy Filipino food is somewhat tolerable. Yay!
  4. So, I actually know how to handle a pistol! Yay! Honestly, I loved the firing range even though the sound of bullets leaving the guns was really scary at first. In addition, my hands were shaking at the beginning…and I forgot to breathe properly, which meant that some of my shots were not as accurate as they should be. Yes, as I said, it was a great experience and I’m hoping to repeat it again and again and again.
  5. After that bit of a debacle in the place where I write for esports (along with that personal competition loss), I decided to take a break from some of the writing things that I do. Besides…I have just won a couple of in-game stuff from the game that I’ve been playing, which means that it’s time for some binge gaming!
  6. More, next…time!

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