April 19, 2024

Okay, now I’m in my third year of teaching and apparently, I’m supposed to take my Licensure Examinations within the academic year. Seems that I’m now standing between a rock and a hard place!

Then comes the added responsibilities, some of which happen to be challenging. But well, life is full of surprises and stuff.

First day of teaching

It’s going to be a wonderful year, ladies and gents!

After seeing what they were doing for their kids inside and outside their classroom, I became really amazed at the strength and determination of the class advisers. From decorating their rooms to implementing proper classroom management, I can’t help but salute and look at awe towards their efforts in creating a conducive environment for the children to teach.

So I started my classes during the fourth period and that was good for me, as my normal schedule dictated that I would have seven 40-minute periods each Monday of the school year. In exchange, I would have more blocks of time for completing the school paper, which should be put up in a month or so. Time for some time management tactics!

Then, I quickly put my strong foot forward. I did not waste time in ensuring that there would be certain lines that should not be crossed. I am already aware that I’m quite weak in terms of classroom management – well, nearly any form of micro-management to be particular (this is why I suck at games that require a high level of “micro”), and I made sure that everyone understood what they were getting into. I don’t want to have problems later on in the school year, thus, I needed to show that I’m firm while at the same time using my velvet gloves to full effect.

After all, it’s an elementary school classroom and not a boot camp.

Of course, it wasn’t easy doing “micromanagement”. But I do think (and hope) that it will help me have a greater school year. In fact, first day of class was way better than the others.

Faces, new and old

Personally, I was more than happy to see both familiar students and a couple of new ones. After all, you’d like to see them end their final year of primary education under your watchful and piercing eyes!

I have no words to explain my happiness. Yeah!

Wow, much amaze! PogChamp

What’s to happen next?

Well, it seems that Fountain International School is going to have a lot of competitions to join and that there are some things that need to be done in regards to certain stuff.

No worries, it’s time to put 105% effort on it. Just hoping that my body is able to keep up with its willpower!


I’m still in shock at the long Monday that I had. Sure, it was tiring to the point that I needed to take a late afternoon nap right upon reaching home, despite the fact that I still needed to buy a ton of stuff.

But I would like to think that it was a success.

I do hope that this school year will be more glorious than ever.

As glorious as Vladimir Putin.

Special mention: Noise levels really do well. Hahaha!

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