May 19, 2024
Trying to relate my thoughts in 150 words. Let's go!
150 words unfiltered dreamslayer28
Just another day.

It’s Labor Day today. And I’m still working on my students’ grades, determining their final fates this year. Gotta admit that I love this part of the job. LOL! (No wonder that teachers are in the list of the world’s most psychopathic professions).

Yesterday, it was National Milk Tea Day. At least, this one was more delicious than the other. Yummy!

I think I have lost three pounds since the start of Ramadan, bringing me back to my post-engagement weight. I do not look like Spongebob Squarepants now.

All I could say is that I miss home and I want to go back to visit my family and introduce the beauty, cuisine, and culture of Zamboanga to my wife. Maybe I’ll spend my time playing automatic Nerf fights with my pamangkins.

For now, I’ll make ipon pera first and try finishing Ramadan.

150 words now, that will be all. Bye!

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