February 22, 2024
screengrab via bren esports
Want to watch the replays of Bren's journey to the top? Come here and get your popcorns!
screengrab via bren esports

Bren Esports finally gained their first-ever Asian championship at the Geforce Pacific Cup 2019 (you can read our recap here), besting nine other teams from different countries in the Asia-Pacific region and taking home $8,000 to boot.

They needed to play a total of 6 matches, for a total of 8 maps, in order to reach their much-coveted championship. This is significant, for it is the confirmation that Bren needed in order to cement their place as one of Asia’s best CS:GO teams this 2020.

While the first three matches of our very own Bren against Cambodia (demo here), Singapore (demo here) and Myanmar (demo here) only have their in-game files available, the rest of their games have fortunately been streamed on Facebook.

Here is the final game of the Filipino squad’s group stage against Vietnam’s Revolution. This showed Bren on Inferno, which is currently one of their bread-and-butter maps:

Meanwhile, this is the semifinal by the Philippine side against Indonesia’s BOOM, starting at 31:00 up to 2:29:00. This featured Train and Nuke:

Obviously, here’s the Grand Finals matchup against Thailand’s Team Maple on Overpass and Inferno:

These are all of the matches that they have played during the Geforce Pacific Cup 2019. We do hope that you enjoyed watching them all!

Read more about Bren Esports here:

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