May 19, 2024
screengrab via bren esports
This marks the first time that Bren Esports gets an Asian CS:GO title. Read more for details that lead to their historic win!
screengrab via bren esports

Bren Esports wins to make Philippine CS:GO and esports history by winning their first-ever Asian CS:GO title after beating Thailand’s Team Maple, 2-0, at the Esports Arena in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia on January 12, Sunday.

In the first ban phase, Maple removed Dust2 and Bren struck off Vertigo from the list. Afterwards, Maple picked Overpass as their map, while Bren went for Inferno, which proved to be their bread-and-butter in international tournaments. Finally, in the last ban phase, Maple wrote off Nuke and Bren removed Mirage, leaving Train as the final map.

The first map featured Overpass, where Bren got a quick 11-4 lead on the defense. However, in the second half, they could not get a single round and the score suddenly became 11-10 despite keeping Maple’s economy to a bare minimum. It was only in the 22nd round when they finally started to break through, thanks to Patrick “Derek” Lacson’s entry frag, giving Bren Esports the chance to get a round and eventually close the map at 16-10, thus leading them one step closer to victory.

Meanwhile, on Inferno, Team Maple started the map with a slim 8-7 lead on the defensive side of the map. However, the Filipinos were able to take the map in the second half, getting the map point relatively early. Team Maple got a few more rounds before Bren finally won the match, 16-11, thus securing their first-ever regional CS:GO championship.

Earlier in the semifinals, they dispatched Indonesia’s BOOM with a convincing 2-0 clean sweep, including a 16-7 rout on Train and 16-10 win on Nuke, thus giving Bren Esports a chance to contest the championship title. Meanwhile, their Thai rivals went the distance against Vietnam’s Revolution, needing three maps (9-16 on Inferno, 16-8 on Mirage and 16-11 on Train) in order to reach the grand final.

Both Bren and Maple have topped their respective group stages earlier in the tournament, with both teams getting a clean 4-0 record.

The GeForce Pacific Cup, in which Bren Esports wins, included 10 teams from all over the Asia-Pacific region, with Myanmar, Oceania, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and India rounding up the list.

Here are the results, as well as the prize pool of the tournament:

1st place: Bren Esports (Philippines) – $8,000
2nd place: Team Maple (Thailand) – $5,000
3rd place: BOOM Esports (Indonesia) – $3,000
4th place: Revolution (Vietnam) – $1,000
5th place: Ex-Genuine (Oceania) – $500
5th place: Impunity (Myanmar) – $500
7th place: Darkhorse (Malaysia) – $500
7th place: GMCC (Singapore) – $500
10th place: A Point (Cambodia) – $500
10th place: Entity Gaming (India) – $500

Here is the roster of Bren Esports:

Chris “Pro” Martir
Deko “papichulo” Evangelista
Riley “witz” Go
Tim “BORKUM” Timbreza
Patrick “derek” Lacson

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