Fallen 5 Are Your Philippine Reps to the WESG SEA CS:GO Finals!

Fallen 5 qualifies for the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) SEA CS:GO Finals after a neck-to-neck final against Bren Esports!

Fallen 5 (F5) get their first big international tournament appearance this year after beating sister team Bren Esports (6-16 on Train, 16-13 on Overpass and 22-20 on Dust 2) to become the Philippine representatives for the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) SEA CS:GO Finals.

While the first map was a quick affair on Train, getting 10 rounds on the Terrorist side and letting F5 only have 1 round in the second half, Overpass was a close affair as Bren Esports got a razor-thin 8-7 advantage in the first half.

In the end, Fallen 5 earned enough rounds on the defense in order to win the second map of the series through a combination of aggressive plays and well-timed retakes.

Dust 2 was a very different map as teams got it back and forth, ending in a 9-6 advantage for Bren Esports in the first half. The second half saw Fallen 5 do a 9-6 run of their own, making it 15-15 in the end and extending the game towards overtime.

Bren Esports makes it 17-16 in the first half of overtime; however, their opponents makes it 18-18 to survive and get another round of overtime. In the second overtime, Fallen 5 gets a 20-19 lead in the initial half and close it out 22-20 in order to win the tournament.

Bren first banned Inferno, then F5 removed Nuke. Afterwards, Bren picked Train, while F5 got Overpass for themselves. Mirage and Vertigo were the final bans as Dust 2 is left over.

The WESG Southeast Asia Finals will feature teams from the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia, with the top four teams going to the WESG Global Finals in March 2020.

While Bren Esports and Fallen 5 have faced many times in the grand finals of national tournaments, this is the first time that Fallen 5 win against their rivals.

Fallen 5 is composed of Yndl “Lemon” Navarra, Elmer “micr0” Coroma, Jepot “KAKAROT” Farin, John “JCL” Lim and Kevin “KEVSS” Dingal.

Meanwhile, Bren Esports consists of four members from the old TNC CS:GO squad (Riley “witz” Go, Jim “BORKUM” Timbreza, Deko “PapiChulo” Evangelista and Chris “Pro” Martir), along with a Mindanao-based player in the form of Patrick “Derek” Lacson.

Cover photo from the Bren Esports Facebook page.

VODs will be available on the WESG SEA page soon.

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