June 18, 2024

With the Mindanao scene going alive as the year ends, another champion has been crowned in the region, just after EZPZ got their crown at the NCGC Operation Reboot tournament a couple of weeks ago.

Renowned side Metronoia won against The Vape Bar (TVB)’s CS:GO team, 2-1, in a very close series during the grand finals of the same tournament (16-11 on Mirage, 10-16 on Cache and 16-11 on Overpass) at The Vape Bar on Sunday.

The winners. Picture courtesy of The Vape Bar.

As a result of their win, they get the lion’s share of the P15,000 prize pool, which was on par with many opening tournaments held by various cafes.

The two teams have also faced in the upper bracket finals, in which Metronoia also won 2-1, despite TVB crushing them on Inferno, 4-16.

With 13 teams attending the said LAN, it served as a good barometer of the level of the squads in the Western Mindanao region.

The tournament was held in a best-of-one double-elimination format, with the semifinals, upper bracket, consolidation and grand finals held in a best-of-three format.

Muhaimin “mintrdj” Ahang became the MVP of the tournament for leading his team towards a much-needed victory before the Metro Pro CS Cup in December.

This is the first-ever trophy that Metronoia has gained in a long time.

Their last major tournament appearance was during NCGC’s Operation Reboot, in which Metronoia got third place, behind The Vape Bar and EZPZ.

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