April 19, 2024
Do you want to know the CS:GO teams from the Philippines who are joining the CSGO2ASIA Grassroots Cup?
philippine csgo in asia tournament

Philippine CS:GO teams get a chance to show their skills as CSGO2ASIA looks to reach out to the Southeast Asian CS:GO grassroots sector by launching the CSGO2ASIA Grassroots Cup.

The said tournament will feature 32 teams from all over Asia in a best-of-one single-elimination bracket up to the semifinals and grand finals, both of which will be played as a best-of-three series.

Winning the tournament will bag the winners $100 as well as the honor of winning the first-ever CSGO2ASIA Grassroots Cup. In addition, 50,000 FACEIT points will be distributed to teams who finish from second to eight place (i.e. reach the quarterfinals).

Here are the prizes:

1st place: $100 (~P5,000)
2nd place: 30,000 FACEIT Points
3rd and 4th place: 5,000 FACEIT Points
5th to 8th place: 2,500 FACEIT Points

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Here are the teams who are participating from the Philippine CS:GO scene:

Aneno Knights Esports is a well-known team in the Metro Manila CS:GO scene. This looks to be a strong lineup on paper. Let’s hope that they punch through the brackets and reach the top 8!

Some names are familiar over here. This is going to be an interesting run for this team depending on how the bracket goes for them. #UnitedMindanaoCS, anyone? Top 8?

This is the biggest surprise of them all. Metronoia has disbanded back in 2019 due to the decision by the original owner to close down the team and focus on consolidating all other business ventures.

Metronoia played in a local tournament in Zamboanga, where they won almost all of their matches, getting only one loss and one overtime throughout the tournament. #AdelanteZamboanga #AribaZamboCSGO #AribaMetronoia

The name in the middle should be familiar to many. Good luck, I guess!

Nice name.

I am unsure if HamiSK is a Filipino, but until one of our readers prove otherwise, he will be counted as one of us. #TaasPinas #PHCSRising

So, there you have it! Support all of the Filipino CS:GO teams out there!

Please do reach out if we missed anyone! Good luck to all!

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