Why Cyborg Legends?

why cyborg legends

Here are reasons why you should choose Cyborg Legends!

Bakit Cyborg Legends? (https://www.cyborglegends.io)


Enjoy our PreSale with discounts (up to 50% off). After the game will be released, the prices will increase considerably;

REBATE: Get back 25% of your invested amount as bonus at our Tavern. To cash-out this bonus you must clear the rollover requirement of x200;

REBATE: Get back 5% of your invested amount, paid in CYBL-Tokens, in your MATIC Wallet Address (starting from Feb 2022);

PASSIVE REVENUE: Get Share Points at our Tavern (Casino) and gain Passive Revenue from the Tavern’s profit, paid in CYBL-Tokens every month, until the game will be released (read more);

The ADVANCED MYSTERY BOX comes with the BEST draw rates: No Common (Tier 1) NFTs in this sale!

The ADVANCED MYSTERY BOX will give you a guaranteed unique NFT, belonging to one of the following tiers: Rare (Tie r2), Epic (Tier 3), Legendary (Tier 4) or Ascended (Tier5). Best mint rates and best value for money!

Buy any Mystery Box (Starter, Advanced or VIP) and get a chance to participate in one of our giveaways for 250 Avatar NFTs – sale price: 125 MATIC) – winner will be selected on 30th March;

Get a guaranteed limited edition Rune NFT (you will receive this when the game will be launched, if you buy Advanced Mystery Box. Only 10,000 Rune NFTs will be minted);(recommended sale price: 25 MATIC)


  1. Buy MATIC on the market. Make sure that you already have an OpenSea account.
  2. Connect the wallet to the website store.
  3. Choose a box. Make sure you have a little bit of extra MATIC for the gas fee.
  4. Wait for a bit for the transaction to be approved.
  5. You now have a NFT and you are now a part of the Pre-Sale! Just wait for the launch of the game in the next few months!

Explanation (Why Cyborg Legends) in English:

  1. It’s cheap to mint right now. Seriously.
  2. There’s a big chance that you’ll get a Tier 2 NFT that’s worth way more than the original mint price. Even if you are just a NFT collector and you don’t play these games, it’s more bang for the buck!
  3. Since your NFTs are OpenSea-tradable (and they automatically go to your wallet), it’s easy to trade them.
  4. There’s already a lot of market movement even if the game isn’t yet available!
  5. They are committed to finding more investors throughout the life of the game.
  6. The developers are committed to developing the game and sticking with it.
  7. The roadmap is reasonable, without overpromising.
  8. It’s a presale. What’s not to love?
  9. Even if the game never goes through, you already have a NFT that is unique. In other words, THE CONCEPT IS ALREADY RUG PULL-PROOF!
  10. Given that they’re transparent and candid about the game’s development and status, it’s clear that they don’t plan to do a rug pull. And it’s Polygon.


Paano mag mint:

  1. Bili ng MATIC sa market. Make sure na may OpenSea account ka na rin.
  2. Connect the wallet to the website store.
  3. Pili ng box. Make sure na may konting extra for gas fee.
  4. Hintay ng konti.
  5. May NFT ka na at nasa Pre-Sale ka na! Hintay Hintay na lang sa launch ng laro in the next few months!

Explanation (Why Cyborg Legends) in Filipino:

  1. Mura ngayon magmint. 35 MATIC is just around 2,730 (depende sa market). Tsaka Polygon yan.
  2. Malaki ang chance na makakuha ka ng Tier 2 (na worth 175 MATIC; P13,000+ sa market – partida mababa pa price ng MATIC nyan) and above.
  3. OpenSea-tradable ang NFTs mo – at automatic na napupunta sa account mo pagkamint. Kung hindi mo type ang autobattler genre, pwede mong ibenta sa OpenSea – may mga bumibili na ng NFTs ng game!
  4. Kahit wala pa ang laro, may interest na at movement ng sales sa market. May nabenta nga na isang NFT ng 2 ETH (P286,000+)
  5. They are committed to finding more investors throughout the life of the game.
  6. Committed ang devs sa pagdevelop ng game. May public presence din karamihan sa kanila (LinkedIn atbp.)
  7. Maganda ang roadmap. May game, may casino, may P2E, may PVP battler, may space fleet PVP game, may space exploration – expansive metaverse is real!
  8. Presale pa. What’s not to love? Tsaka medyo mababa ang presyo ng MATIC ngayon
  9. Kahit mawala ang game, guaranteed na may NFT ka na sa open market – so practically rugpull-proof ang game
  10. Walang balak na mag-rugpull ang mga devs, proven na dahil sa dahan-dahan na pagdevelop ng gameĀ 

Syempre, basic na ang “this is not financial advice”, DYOR, trade only what you can risk, tsaka invest only with the money that you can afford to lose.

Feel free to use my referral link if you’re interested (and you found these tips helpful!)

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