June 18, 2024
Here is an ode to Eid that hopefully captures its essence!
an ode to eid

Here is an ode to Eid that I tried to write many years ago for an international spirituality magazine. They chose the essay (which is coming out soon), but not the poem (there was just too many to choose from, I guess).

Still, I think it is relevant in today’s environment, so I hope that you enjoy this poem! After all, aren’t we still looking forward to be able to celebrate the Eid meaningfully in these unusual times?

An Ode to Eid

When the new moon rises
And the endless abstinences done
Or those fated sacrifices made
Twice a year, the door of Eid opens

The families set their streamers
And prepare sumptuous food at night
As they wait in thanks and praise
The magnificent sunrise to come

Old ones raise their hands
For another year of a blessed life
While the little ones clap their hands
At the prospect of happy times

When the morning comes
They all go out at first light
Towards places of prayer to share
The day with siblings at heart

Once the sermons are done
They go back home and partake
In wholesome food, drink and games
Along with a tinge of sugars and sweets

These are festivals that made
my soul fly like a butterfly
Such is the spirit of Eid
I hope it never fades and dies

The bitter truth is that Eid is going to be celebrated without the usual course of festivities this year. Indeed, it could be one of the saddest festivals that people are going to celebrate for a very long time.

However, here’s still to hoping that better days come – and this poem is a reminder to myself as well that no matter how dark the midnight may be, there’s always a brighter tomorrow to look out for!

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