May 19, 2024

The interface opens and I choose my soul
Which will carry me to 16 rounds
I start as a brigand, getting a pistol

Placing my life in the hands of four comrades
Whose minds and hearts are different
Yet, I show no fear as I slay my way

Through dust, grime and bricks
I break out with my crosshair
Pointed at the first player’s head

Boom! He goes down in a stream of blood
In the real world, we shout incoherently
As we tried to call ourselves to order

Like children who found a treasure cave
We all rush towards the site
Then, we aim true, knowing our foe is there

We end the lives of the other two players
Helpless, they drop to the ground
And they find swift mercy coming from our barrel

The morning was as silent as the grave
Yet with newfound energy and zeal
We plant the bomb on the site

The clock is ticking with urgency
As two survivors come to retake what is theirs
Yet, this day they will be denied

For we shall stand strong
With a flick of the mouse
And hits of the keyboard

We dispatch them to virtual hell
Then, win the match for ourselves
And jump with joy from our seats

Such is the beauty of Counter-Strike
You’ll never know what’s coming for you
And you’ll never know how your adventure…ends.

Trying to put my money where my mouth is during this #NaPoWriMo 🙂

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