May 19, 2024
Hoping that you enjoy this poem!

Once, I saw a lady
Sharp and intimidating
And I thought to myself,
“Oh my goodness!”

As the years passed
Destiny made an odd move
And decided to entwine our lives
Together under a single path

Thus, I met her face-to-face
And realized that she wasn’t
The terror that I envisioned
Inside my darkest dreams

Instead, I saw a woman
Whose intelligence and wit
Made me see life from
A completely different lens

I saw a lady whose heart
Is as precious as gold
And whose laughter turns
Dark days into bright ones

Finally, her exquisite beauty
Shines both in and out
Illuminating my moments
And adding meaning to my life

Today, I consider myself lucky
To have met this lady in purple
I do hope that in the future
Our paths will stay as one indeed!

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