April 19, 2024
When I first came to this city; I was nothing but a blip...

When I first came to this city
I was nothing but a blip
Under the shadow of its skyline

The city is bustling and bright
With its many glittering lights
Old and new fused into one

Yet there’s a subtle shadow
That hides behind the afterglow
Of the Pearl of the Orient

Everyone’s disconnected
As they all walk their own paths
Without knowing the souls next to them

I never understood why
It is so hard to find friends in
This place of ten million bodies

Maybe it is because everyone
Is busy chasing their stars
To reach the high life they aspire

Or they may just be having hard times
Trying to survive in this city
Which God had forgotten to sanctify

In the end, the irony of it all is that
This city of crowded and lost souls
Is the place where I needed to be.

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