February 22, 2024
This is a poem dedicated to the mobile mech game called War Robots! Also contains links to other gaming and normal poems!

Once upon a time, there was a game
That called itself War Robots

When I first saw it, I knew that
It was the one I’ll stick with

Through thick and thin
I walked the battlefield

With mechs both big and small
As well as ones nimble and slow

Together, we all saw the light
As we turned red pillars to blue

When we unleashed our fury on our foes
We saw them turn into heaps of metal scrap

But then things have changed
And all I see is a world in eternal flux

Where the old ways are forgotten
And the new worshipped by the many

I didn’t recognize anymore the place
In which I used to tread my foot on

In the end, I just came to accept
That things are meant to change

For better or for worse, I sat down in a corner
And looked for minds alike

Together we started a new journey
To stand against the tide

Regardless of what happens
I will always be happy to have met my comrades

And I would forever remember this game
For all the times that I spent in it.

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