February 22, 2024

Back in the day when my life was nothing
There was a game that I stumbled by accident

It named itself “World War Online”
And prophesied total and endless war

I joined a team so small that no one thought
We would be able to achieve great things

But when my friends and I proved
To a world which is dominated by the old

That we can prevail and leave our mark
In a history that is said to be auspicious

We all had our petty fights and scuffles
As well our diverging means and ways

Yet in the end we all fought for our land
To place our names on the big, shiny podium

We faced all sorts of enemies, both big and small
Some even spending precious gold and silver

Yet, we succeeded and made it there
After spending lots of blood, steel and tears

Today, it is nothing but a sweet memory
Of those times when we were flying free.

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