April 19, 2024
Here is a poem about the end of the world! Enjoy reading!
hand to the end

Will you hold your lover’s hand to the end?

30 seconds to event horizon.

They say that the end of the world
Will see this sick, aged earth unfurled
Yet, I’ll hold your hand through dark nights
And lead your head through bright lights
I always thought we’ll live forever
I always thought we’ll last forever
But we’re here, hiding in corners
Like animals lost in torpors

10 seconds to event horizon.

It’s coming now, my love
There’s no running from the sky
As the air burns bright red
And all our bodies burn apart
Embrace me for the last time
Like our days when we’re young and wild
As our bold, bright bodies are burned
Together into crisp, fine dust

5 seconds after event horizon.

            Our bodies and hearts will burn
            Saying goodbye to this beloved
            Life – no tears, no sorrow, no fear
            Yet, we’ll recall our memories
            This is now the end of us
            Where we go back to fine dust
            This is now the end of this world
            Clueless, we move to the next life.

I think there is comfort in knowing that one can hold someone else’s hand to the end during the times when the world is about to disappear!

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