April 21, 2024

Begging in Valorant is not allowed in this group.

In the first place, does begging contribute anything positive to the Valorant community? Or to make it personalan, does it contribute to your well-being?

Hindi ba kayo nahihiya sa sarili nyo? Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?

It is one thing to ask for help in order to get a tablet, laptop, or smartphone for use in online classes. Dapat tulungan kung totoong nangangailangan.

It is a completely different thing to beg in order to get a RTX 2080, Valorant Battle Pass, or whatever shiny thing in the game exists.

Preferably, we should not beg from others.

Look yourselves at the mirror. Is this what you want to be remembered for?

We assume that most of us follow an Abrahamic religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) – didn’t the Scriptures remind us to work in honest sweat and that it is better not to beg at all?

Pasensyahan tayo ah.

Hinde kame santo – We are not saints.

But the difference between many of us and those of you who beg for your vices is that we are honest about our shit – and that we are willing to shed blood, sweat, and tears in order to get whatever crap we wanted in life.

You do not go anywhere by sitting down.

You should have known this by now.

As a honorary admin who focuses on studying societies, I think this incident shows that we are not a society that relies on dignity and honor, but rather a society where face, manipulation, and seeking advantage is the norm.

We are not going to let this happen on our watch. We still want to believe in the dignity and common sense of our group.

Gusto nyo ng mabigat na kamay? We will give it to you, non-stop, 24/7.

Bahala na ang mga admins at moderators sa inyo. Sana pagpalain kayo.

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