April 19, 2024
Do you want to have VP? Do you want it from trusted sellers? Do you want to see a list of legit Valorant VP sellers? Then this one is for you!
Legit Valorant VP Sellers

It is not easy to find legit Valorant VP sellers online, despite the fact that the demand and need for them is really huge. There are tens of thousands of Valorant players right now here in the Philippines, which means that there is always going to be someone who needs a skin upgrade on their respective accounts.

We do all know that getting scammed is a big bummer, causing not just in big losses of money, but also of motivation and effort towards playing Valorant here in the Philippines!

Want to see where is a list of legit VP sellers in the Philippines? Then this one is for you!

Here is a list of legit Valorant VP sellers:

Prodigy Diamond Shop (contact person: Ronan Immanuel Viernes)
Discounted Game Creds (contact person: Angel Nicole Soriano)
Alejandro’s Discounted Game Credits (contact person: Alejandro Go)
LhynShop Online (contact person: Lhyn Marra)
Kuya Pedro’s Top Shop (contact person: Rushsel Wilson)
R1 Digitals (contact person: Erick Dionisio)
AB Discounted Game Credits (contact person: Angelo Brucal)
Frey Digital Online Shop (contact person: John Paul Cunanan)

Furthermore, this also serves as a formal notification that each of them has their own pricing standards. We will update this list as soon as we receive more updates!

We do hope that this list of legit Valorant VP sellers will help you ensure a safe and happy shopping for your Valorant skins!

Happy online shopping and most importantly, keep enjoying Valorant at your own pace, time, and way!

And always remember, more skins mean more skill!

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