February 21, 2024

There is a ton of opposing opinions on War Robots right now, which is completely acceptable – considering that the company (i.e. Pixonic) has never did consistent (and sagacious) decisions to start with. We all know this: the repeated hotfixes, the unsolved matchmaking system, the endless fights with tankers and hackers, glitchy maps, you name it. In fact, it can be said that Pixonic is a reactive instead of a proactive company in this sense.

On the other hand, one can’t deny that this is one of the best patches that Pixonic has pushed out in a while, for it allows diversity and (at the very least) exciting games to happen in War Robots.

Sure, you are sometimes clubbed to death by a elite squad of Hellburner MK2 Champions League pilots, but at least, they do show that they know how to time their rushes, right?

So, say hi to seven things that make this new patch by Pixonic a living hell on Earh!

Welcome to Hell: HELLBURNERS with Ancile and Ecu

We all know that the Hellburner can pack a bang. We also know that it is quite naturally fast…and that charging its explosive mode also gives speed to the player.

Welcome to the new metagame, where many of the top clans (or solo squads who can afford it) will inevitably run it as a starter bot to capture beacons quickly…and then do more damage with it by attacking the enemy spawn!

If it does not work…then they can spawn on the captured beacons with their heavy ordnance, which should turn a match into a bloodbath in one’s favor.

Welcome to Hell, Part 2: Striders Incoming!

For a spicier alternative, people use Striders. There are even tales of Ancile ECU Striders running around the map and flashing through red beacons, quickly flipping through them as if one reads an extremely exciting book!

Needless to say, Striders can make up for three-minute games in one’s favor, provided they are used properly.

Remember a maxed MK1 Kumiho at the beginning of the Dash era, flying and dashing through maps and turning beacons blue and finishing matches in two minutes?

This is another version of that era…and it’s just as fun!

Welcome to Hell, Part 3: Bulwark Dragoon

We already mentioned earlier, way long before the patch happened, that Bulwark Dragoon is going to be a thing.

This has turned into a real fact: One can defend a home beacon on Dead City, Rome, Shenzhen – you name it…and/or snipe off most opponents on big maps such as Yamantau, Springfield and Dreadnought.

Flux versus Dragoon? Just hide your Bulwark in a place where it can’t snipe you…and the Flux outright loses.

Short-ranged weapons versus Dragoon? If they ever reach you within range, this would mean three things:

  1. You are way advanced than your teammates
  2. You don’t know how to use a Dragoon Bulwark
  3. Your teammates forgot to cover your flank EVEN though you can do OVERWATCH on one half of the map (Valley is a good example of this).

Fury Dragoon versus Bulwark Dragoon? The Fury loses over time, simply because it can’t outrun the Dragoon’s backpedal, penetrate its physical shield or get it off its “invulnerability cocoon” – sure, you might win a 50-50 duel against a Bulwark in a quick fight…but then, you are more or less screwed (as your enemy might have a second Dragoon Bulwark)!

YES, I’M BIASED towards this build as I have it on my hangar. YES, it gives me all my wins and keeps me from getting into the red when I’M LOSING.

Welcome to Hell 4: Lancelot Incorporated

The Lancelot is now great again. Its shields take a lot longer to destroy, which means that there is more time for the Lancelot to unleash whatever stuff it has in its mind.

Oh, by the way, did we mention that it can rush at you every 14 seconds?

Sure, you might have a Hellburner or a Strider, but two or three Lances focusing their fire can stop you in your tracks…and still have a hefty amount of HP to retake the beacon and turn the match into an exciting one!

Old players – especially with fully maxed Lancelots dusting in their hangars, what more can you ask for?

Welcome to Hell 5: Shoutout to the Falcon

So far, people have posted videos and opinions on the Falcon being OP and whatnot. I think that it is one of the better-designed and better-thought bots in this new meta, simply because you can do a lot of different plays with it.

Dragoon Ember? Troll Flux? Zeus Galore? Exodus Ember? Heavy energy weapons? You are a star in this metagame!

With that being said, it’s still a pain in the head to face good Falcon pilots on the battlefield…and needless to say, it’s quite hard to win, especially if two or three are on the same squad.

Welcome to Hell 6: Spectre and Inquisitor…no more?

At least the ones who are using these robots are skilled players.

At least there’s no more jumping and hiding behind cover and relying on too much stealth to do their game.

At least no more people who rage quit because their favorite robot got crushed into the ground.

Welcome to hell, folks!

There will be no pity, no mercy and no remorse for you in this patch!

Welcome to Hell 7: Mender is a Beast!

While we are talking about the usual and wacky ones above, there’s a robot that does a lot in its own underrated, yet super-effective way: The Mender.

In the hands of a very good pilot, the Mender can win games single-handedly, especially if the clock has reached a point where there are only a few bots left. Need to kill one, survive, heal and retake a beacon to keep the match even? Then this one is for you!

I can’t count the times that I have to deal with these Menders (and either get a bunch of close matches and/or losses because of a good Mender pilot!)

Thankfully, no one runs a crazy hangar full of Menders just yet. That will be just ultra crazy!

Anyways, seeing these builds are super fun!

Thanks for reading! See you on the battlefield!


1 thought on “4.3.X: Diverse Plays

  1. Here at the basement where seal clubbers with their MK2’s descend from time to time, I could only use the free bot I got at the place where you get to open chests? A Rhino.

    With shields up, I was able to dash to 3 of the 5 beacons then make a stand with a Tulumabas, Okran and Gust that it has. It does explode suddenly, dropping from 75% to 0% when 3 enemies do a crossfire.

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