May 22, 2024
What to expect from the new robots? Here you go!

Here is a quick overview of the Pantheon family as they walk towards the battlefields of the Iron War.

Ares: The Ultimate Nightmare

Two medium slots and two light slots with four super-automatic guns for its “ultimate” make it into an extremely powerful robot.

Think of a Griffin with eight guns and a short period of invulnerability…while still being able to fire a ton of shots!

Yes, sure, it is a glass cannon.

But it is a very crazy glass cannon and all of its eight weapons would melt any opponent in seconds, up to 500 or 600 range!!!

Nemesis: Tank Them All to Hell

Two medium slots with a rocket and lots of hitpoints, in addition to an automatic rocket launcher that gets more powerful as it gets more damage makes it into a crazy robot to fight against.

It is indeed a new generation of tanky robots. The Nemesis is best used at close range, where it can maximize the damage that its rockets deliver!

In addition, its two medium slots mean that one can think of different weapon combos for this robot…

Hades: Surprise Galore

While Hades has only one heavy and two light slots to boast of, its strength lies in its balanced HP and speed features.

As enemies would just tend to underestimate the power of its Absorber Shields, they tend also to fire at it…with very nasty results.

Its cannon deals a nasty amount of damage upon activation, blowing up enemies up and personal.

Counter, Counter?

Wait for the shield to be deactivated, then unleash everything you’ve got. Think of the Absorber Shield as a stealth ability…and you will be fine.

In addition, you can go beyond the Shield and damage the robots inside their bubble!

Also, one can use stand-off weapons when one is far away from the opponent.

And if they happen to use their ultimate weapons? Dash into cover, use stealth or simply backpedal away (if it is a close-range Nemesis setup!)


It seems that War Robots is about to have a ton of crazy and strong robots once again.

But this does not mean that they are unkillable…though if smart pilots use these robots on the battlefield, they would be able to quickly overpower their opponents.

Still, the Pantheon family should make for some interesting stuff in the future…

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