June 18, 2024

I am rather surprised at the fact that despite people’s endless complaints about overpowered bots (read: Spectre and the Dash bots) or overpowered weapons (read: Shocktrain, Scourge and a couple of the other toys out there), there’s almost no publicity on the Six-Pack League which has been going on for some time now.

As a matter of fact, the combined number of teams on Android and iOS for this version of the 6 Pack League (6PL) is between 20-30 (amounts to 100-150 players, but you’d expect a community of at least 20,000 members to actually be able to have more teams on the field!)

I was hoping to see more teams from different parts of the globe participating, if just for the sheer experience of being able to join in a semi-competitive activity. It’s not the World Cup of War Robots, but I’m pretty sure I can call it the “Olympics of War Robots.”

For those who don’t know about it, the Six-Pack League has the following general ruleset:

  • Best-of-five, single-elimination matches
  • No component robots or weapons allowed
  • Only Domination mode
  • Maps to be played at random
  • Teams can field at least three players; maximum of six plus provision for substitutions

In other words, there is no room for tears in this mode as people would have to just stick to old-fashioned Lancelots, Furies, Griffins, etc.

Some of the more interesting things I saw were an Orkan Doc (this is quite a meta build actually, great for taking down shields and whatnot), Hydra Fujin (yes, they are still annoying) and some other quirky stuff that should never work inside a NORMAL match of War Robots.

Now, here are the “requirements” for having a six-pack squad:

  • At least four slots
  • At least a spread of good weapons
  • Just some decent gameplay
  • An ability to play with a team
  • Discord or Line – trust me, even the old people (read: 40 and above) use these gaming communication programs already. Why won’t you?

But then again, the more competitive ones won’t just take you in – unless you know them personally or you’ve proven your worth in their random scrims (they prefer to call it practice or casual match). Personally, I had already five slots, but obviously my robots were not good enough for many of the teams out there (Despite what people think, some teams want to win the whole thing and invest quite heavily. Thus, don’t be surprised to see a hangar with five Lancelots or five Death Button Griffins).

As a result, I spent time upgrading my robots and getting towards a decent hangar, which allowed me to enter a good team!

Enough of the introduction and backgrounders.

Here are the reasons why people should play GPL:

  1. It is fun to play. You don’t need to suffer the horrors of facing oddball equipment – also, you get to play in a casual setting!
  2. You get to have new friends…from all over the world! That alone is a gift in itself!
  3. You learn more about the game. Movement, teamplay and tactical execution.
  4. You get to compete against some of the best players from around the globe.
  5. You can brag that you’ve been a part of a new WR experience! If you get to win, then you can say to your children that you’ve won an international league in a video game!

So, what are you waiting for?

Hoping to see you on the battlefield!

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