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It is now the second map on Yamantau as expected, and the Filipino captain quickly commanded his team to do the ”2 rog, 4 ancilot” strategy.

A “rog”, known officially as Rogatka, is the fastest robot in-game with a jump drive attached to it. Teams use them either as flankers or beacon cappers; the latter capability is emphasized in this case. Since Yamantau is a map that is dominated by two pillars on both sides, these bots can just jump and outrun most setups – and snipers don’t typically pick them off due to the fact that they are just minor details in the bigger scheme of things.

Running a strategy like this would allow them to take the center rather quickly and produce pressure on both sides of the map; however, the beacon cappers need to be skilled. This is why Ancheta and Carillo decided to operate the Rogatkas while the rest of the team go together to control the middle of the map.

It’s a risky gamble, but they both know that it’s the only way to force Open City out of their comfort zone, which proceeded with two Ancilots, two Treb Butches and two Raijin Tempests. Their setup will allow them to have near-permanent control of the central part of the map.

“People, let’s get into the zone. Let’s do this.”

The Filipinos rapidly spread out, making use of the few cover that the map existed rather efficiently. They were the first ones to reach two beacons and had already both Rogatkas on different sides of the map.

“We will do as planned. Control middle immediately, let them regain and then retake it! Don’t fight for middle!”

“Yes, Captain!”

Seven Miracles attacked relentlessly, using their Tarancilots and Orkancilots to scare them out of the central beacon.

Meanwhile, Carillo already reached the other side of the enemy base, while Ancheta went to the enemy spawn. To their surprise, the plan worked!

However, the Ancilking just calmly said, “Send one of the Raijins to hunt the Rogatkas. We don’t have any other choice.”

The Koreans know very well that the Filipinos need to end the match before the 7th minute mark passes, so all they needed to do is to wait and aim. After all, Seven Miracles just went on an all-in strategy that worked so far.

Then, the Rogatka got the Korean home beacon just as he was about to be wrecked by the Raijin Tempest. After all, the Rogatka did not have that much in terms of health…and the Tempests were really good at turning steel into butter.

All of a sudden, the Philippines got a 4-1 beacon lead and Kim decided to go for the long push towards the Philippine home side. He knows that the Filipinos have concentrated on going for the center and their home.

“Boss, they are going for our home beacon!”

“Let them.”

The distance between any of the two beacons on Yamantau is anywhere between 400-800 units. Carillo knew that if they were patient enough, they could eject and spawn right on the top of their home beacon anyway. Meanwhile, the Ancilking is actually relying on the fact that Seven Miracles will go for the beacon trade instead of the bot trade.

However, he did not expect the Kingslayer to choose the latter. True to his form, he recommended to Ancheta that they respawn at base.

This they did.

Then, it became a bloodbath of proportions as the Koreans tried to spawn trap the Filipino team; however, Ancheta ordered his team to use cover properly as well as peek in pairs in order to facilitate trades.

Outside, the audience is howling at the top of their lungs as they watched the neck-breaking duel between their home team and one of the best WR teams in the world. Some could not even keep their emotions as they either started crying in joy or shouting local profanities such as “Putang ina mo! Bobo pala kayo eh!”

By then, the Ancilking realized that the battle was lost. Even if they could flip it back to 4-1, the advantage in the conquest bar was clearly favored towards the Filipinos.

As a result, the Philippines sweeps Korea, 2-0, out of the tournament and will face the winner of Russia and Sweden in the semi-finals. When this happened, Ancheta jumped out of his seat, threw his earphones to the ground, ran to the door and leapt out the booth to shout “KING INA NIYO!”

The crowd chanted in return, “BUS YAN! BUS YAN! BUS YAN!”

As for the Koreans, their disappointment was clear in their faces. They did not speak or move from their seats. They were just inside their booth, stunned at how a group of youngsters have beaten them out of the world’s biggest War Robots tournament.

With the results clear for everyone to see, both teams shook their hands in front of the crowd, while the audience gave the Filipino squad a loud and rowdy standing ovation.

The analytic caster started to speak once again.

“So the match ended up with the Filipinos doing one of the biggest upsets in a War Robots World Championship by taking a 2-0 clean sweep. You’ve got to love the matches in the playoffs of this tournament!”

“So now they will face the winner of Russia and Sweden.” was the reply.


“I think it’s going to be an interesting match. The old generation goes up against a new generation of mech pilots in the biggest stage in the world!”

After those words, Ancheta paused for a bit and asked for the microphone. After all, he was ecstatic about his team’s shocking win against one of the strongest War Robots squads in the world.

“We are very happy that we have exceeded our expectations by beating Korea. We thought we were going to lose, but we had a plan, we followed it and it is good for us that we succeeded in executing it properly.

I would like to express mad props to Korea for a great match. You are a good team, but we were the better team today! Well played, guys!”

The crowd cheered and jumped in excitement as they now have a team who can make history in the big stage.

Then, it was Korea’s turn to speak.

Park came up and said, “We are not happy about the result. We were expecting to make it to the final, but our opponents played way better than us.

However, I can assure you that we will come back stronger and that we will show our true strength! We will win more next time! And we will make sure that we will dominate the highest levels of War Robots…

Once again, congratulations to the winners and I wish them the best of luck going further into the tournament.”

The audience clapped again out of deep reverence and respect to those words. There was still half an hour left before the next match started, so the crowd and the rest of the staff went outside to take a break from the pressure and excitement of the 2nd War Robots World Championship, leaving only the production personnel to let them get ready for the next series.

Both teams went out of the backstage with heads high up, knowing that they gave a good fight.

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