May 19, 2024
Do you want to know how to play War Robots? Do you want to have an easier time in the lower leagues? Read here!
war robots
Leo, one of WR’s most iconic bots.

This is a beginner’s guide for War Robots. Instead of giving specific ways to win a certain map and/or situation (or to approach robot usage), you will get to see how the game works in the lower leagues so that you can take advantage of your strengths and the weaknesses of your enemies.

Gold League used to be the “golden wall” of War Robots. Nowadays, it’s really easy to go up the ranks, and let’s not even talk about the lower leagues.


Here’s why: This used to be a place where people had to contend with hangars containing level 10, 11, and 12 (Max Mk1) robots and weapons.

However, this does not seem anymore to be the case. Apart from the inevitable games where people bring out their Titans (and face off against institutionalized tankers who clearly don’t belong in Gold with their nearly-maxed Ao Mings and a full hangar of Ravanas), most games are practically walkovers.

On Playing in the Lower Leagues

Let’s continue this beginner’s guide for War Robots.

I personally play on an alternate account with two Leo DBs (that’s Thunder Pinatas for you), one Griffin RDB (that’s Pins and Tulumbas for you), and one Vityaz on the DB setup. I have an 80-90 percent winrate with it.

Having pilots makes a huge difference. Just optimize the one that is best for your playstyle. Also, also, get four or five slots as soon as you can. They’re no brainers.

Here’s a tip: Save up your power cells. Do not use them before reaching Gold League. Even there, you will not need these cells for the most part.

Here’s a second tip: Level up your weapons two to three levels above your robot. With the upgrade time boosts, it should be a bit easier at the lower levels.

Here’s another tip: If you don’t want to be matched with higher-level players, leave a Vityaz in your four-slot hangar. It works wonders for match quality.

Here’s a fourth tip: Always make sure that you get the beacon advantage. Make use of your enemy’s idiocy by capping their home beacon – inevitably, they will all come back to get that beacon; in this case, it will be too late for them, and your team is all but guaranteed to obtain the green victory screen.

If the enemy is a bit more competent, keep a 2-3 or 3-2 beacon advantage. In the case of the former, focus on killing the enemy and pushing them hard. In the case of the latter focus on luring your enemy towards different crossfires, preferably within firing range of your teammates’ weapons.

war robots
The Griffin is a versatile bot in the lower leagues.

Here’s a fifth tip: Take duels, especially if you know you can win them. EVEN AGAINST A RAVANA WITH PUNISHERS OR TULUMBAS. At least, keeping them busy will prevent them from pursuing their own game plan.

If you have a modicum of skill and in-game awareness, plus some map knowledge, it’s ridiculously easy to win games in the lower leagues.

Here’s a final tip: Think now of the weapons and robots that you want to have for the higher leagues, and work on them accordingly Ravana, Loki, Ao Jun, Fenrir, Phantom, and Leech are all viable options; don’t be afraid to ask around for the best weapons that you can fit on these robots.

PS: Make sure you have a good phone and amazing internet. IT WORKS WONDERS TOWARDS DESTROYING YOUR FOES.

On War Robots Matchmaking

Still, War Robots matchmaking is terrible.

A real matchmaking system would give winning players +25 and -25, and would rate players based on skill and specialized algorithms. Ahem, ahem.

Losing doesn’t shave off a lot of points…let’s say 15-17 points at best, and winning (especially when one performs well gains the player up to more than 30 points. Terribly lopsided, if you ask me.

On one hand, it was easy to stomp players in Private, Bronze, and Silver Leagues. Virtually everyone was using Pattons, Golems, Vityazes, Cossacks, Destries, and all the non-matched setups in the game.

It was easy to win. I even got to push into the enemy side of the map and camp inside their spawn multiple times.

It was freaking hilarious.

On the other hand, when you actually get into Gold, you get matched with Diamond players right off the bat. I couldn’t help but bitterly laugh as I saw my Leo turn into a black pile of mangled steel and broken weaponry – or my Griffin’s HP disappear in solid bars by the second.

If the developers only fixed this problem, 99% of the things that are considered to be negative in this game would have been solved by this point.

This is no exaggeration. Look at Valve, Blizzard and Riot: They are three of the biggest gaming and esports companies in the world, they’ve got a ton of problems and yet they are still quite respected (despite their “big” failures and issues) – all because of the fact that they have passable and competitively fair matchmaking (the strengths and weaknesses of their matchmakers are a completely different topic though; besides, I’m sure that as developers who get to travel all over the world and get featured in game development conferences, the devs of Pixonic know very well what a proper matchmaking system should be.)

On General Gameplay

Many people in War Robots used to consider Gold to be the “invisible skill wall.”

Nowadays, it’s not anymore about the skill – it’s easy to win, even in a 5v6 situation – as long as your enemy does not whip out the Kids, Arthurs, Ravanas, and Ao Juns.

Let’s be clear though: 4v6 is very undoable. It’s a losing proposition, and 4v6 happens a lot due to tankers, clubbers, and faders that appear every match. It seems that despite Pixonic’s efforts to prevent tanking out of matches, it still happens very frequently in the lower leagues. Everyone just seems to leave games…

Tankers, clubbers, boosted accounts, unskilled players, you name it: Gold League has all the recipes to ensure that you will either tilt your enemy so hard that they do quit in the middle of the match (it always happened), or get tilted to the point that you’ll just want to throw your smartphone towards the wall.

I do hope that you enjoyed this beginner’s guide for War Robots!

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