June 18, 2024
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Note: This was the time when the Shocktrain and Scourge were still extremely rare…and when the Dash bots were still extremely new (along with the bot that will be known as the Inquisitor)…

I’m standing right now in Diamond 1 after five months of play. In relation to this, the last time I wrote about my journey in War Robots was back in July 2017, when it was still my third week in-game and I still had a shitty 6/6, four-robot hangar and when I was punching my way in the depths of upper Silver (Silver I, to be exact).

I still continued my day job, discovered a couple of other games, took steps towards becoming a better writer and even finished a fan fiction novella throughout all this time. Yet, I still play this crazy game a lot.

In other words, I’m still in the same boat with many of you. If you feel like reading the experience, come on for a roller coaster ride!

Tankers, Clubbers and Wreckers Galore

As soon as I reached Gold III, I immediately saw 10/10, 11/11 and 12/12 hangars inside my games, some of them showing clearly that done their trade in the heights of the Champions League (TROPHIES, anyone?)

In other words, I had a very interesting period in my War Robots career. I couldn’t help but bitterly laugh as I saw my Leo turn into a black pile of mangled steel and broken weaponry – or my Griffin’s HP disappear in solid bars by the second.

Even in my games where I had legitimate matches, I had Diamond, Expert and the occasional Master League players getting thrown in. There’s no need to express the bloodbath: Everyone knows that with equal tactics and organization, a 9/9 hangar completely overpowers a 6/6 one.

Such was the way of War Robots matchmaking.

If the developers only fixed this problem, 99% of the things that are considered to be negative in this game would have been solved by this point.

This is no exaggeration. Look at Valve, Blizzard and Riot: They are three of the biggest gaming and esports companies in the world, they’ve got a ton of problems and yet they are still quite respected – all because of the fact that they have passable matchmaking (the strengths and weaknesses of their matchmakers are a completely different topic though.)

Great Wall of Gold

Many people in War Robots consider Gold to be the “invisible skill wall.” I never believed in this notion until I saw the dredges of Gold League myself.

Tankers, clubbers, boosted accounts, unskilled players, you name it: Gold League has all the recipes to ensure that you will get tilted to the point that you’ll just want to throw your smartphone towards the wall.

However, it is clear that in 70% of the games that you play, you see pilots with the same or higher levels of skill and as a result, you learn a lot from them. This is where I saw how to counter-pick and counter-peek, why bot choices are important and how to position myself in the map properly.

Despite all of the unexpected events that I’ve experienced in this league, I’m confident to say that I have always averaged from 350,000 to 400,000 damage, scored between 2-3 robot kills per map and had a win rate that ranged from 45-60%, with the average win being at 56%.

It took me two months to get out of this one, on the back of a rather underpowered hangar; thus, I’m extremely proud of this achievement!

The Age of Dash

I was lucky to win two dashes from the silver chests in the Black Market, so needless to say, I knew very well the immense potential of the “Korean Death Buttons” to tilt the game immensely towards the team’s favor.

Facing them wasn’t a problem at all, as long as everyone treats them as they would treat a Lancelot. This actually tells how overpowered the Dashes are in their current state.

Needless to say, I was able to buy enough time for my team to wipe out the opposing team using only the Kumiho and Haechi, by forcing them to focus their efforts towards me.

Screw Lancelots

After four months into the game (that’s around two months of staying in Gold League), I finally got into Diamond 3 after getting a full five-slotted, 6/7 hangar.

Diamond 3 is where I started to see the Lancelot and their weaponized variants.

Nearly. Every. Single. Game.

You might be tempted to think that with the rise of the Dash bots and the Inquisitor, the Lancelot would go out of fashion, but it turns out that the notion is totally wrong as I see wave after wave of them in several maps. There were certain times that I would have preferred the annoyance of Aphid Pattons, Laser Beam Leos or Butch Trebuchets than seeing those fat robots stroll around the map like they were on a holiday.

To be fair, the Lancelot is still one of the tankiest robots out there, allowing a team to spearhead attacks and hold beacons without fear of losing hitpoints immediately.

Moving Forward

As I mentioned earlier, I’m in Diamond 2 right now, where I get to see more Dashes, Embers, Inquisitors and Lancelots. 10/10 and above hangars seem to be the norm around these parts, with the rare 9/9 or 8/8 being thrown in by the matchmaker at times.

I’m at 50% right now, 450,000 average damage and four bots per match average, thanks to the mechanics of Beacon Rush as well as the all-new Team Deathmatch mode. Before I reached Diamond 1, I played Domination exclusively; however, I soon saw the joys and thrills of Beacon Rush and as a result, I started to do some matches with that mode.

Yes, it may be a tough game at times. But still, I’m looking forward to continue my adventures in War Robots!

Right now, I am in Expert…and I shared my views here!

Hope you keep enjoying the game in the little ways you can!

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