February 21, 2024
New metagame? Scattered thoughts? WR 4.0? Other stuff? This one is for you!

Well, let us not fool ourselves here.

War Robots is not anymore the same game as it was before. In fact, the number of micro-transactions inside the game remind me of a FPS game called CrossFire…or some other title out there which actually promotes P2W.

Let me indulge with my own emotions – after all, I’m just a player in this game, right? Which means that I can state my opinions freely as long as I do it in a civil and nuanced way, no?

With that being said, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • Unless the Modules come out, don’t expect the old robots to come back into existence back again. With the fact that the combined powers of an Damage Attack Booster can wipe out even the highest durability in the game…don’t expect even the Griffin to stand a chance, especially when the Inquisitor, the Spectre and God-knows-what-else exist.
  • Speaking of modules, don’t expect them to come cheap. No wonder the crowd simply dubs it as “MK4”.
  • The support bots are extremely expensive for many of those who just play the game casually. I thought that supporting is supposed to be cheap? Apparently, War Robots is the game that defies norms in gaming – if I can support my team in CS with just four grenades, why can’t I do the same in WR?
  • I frankly don’t know why War Robots has become a “twitch-based game” from the tactical roots that it used to have. When I look at games like Robokrieg and Battle of Titans, I realized that War Robots isn’t in the same class as these two games. It looks like a foreign entity to me…
  • The game is really fast now and it has become a “momentum-based” game. Any team with even a slight advantage would be able to work from that and snowball out of control, regardless of the mode being played. After all, 48 boosters, MK2 equipment, support bots and delayed damage will turn you into a king inside the game…and swat out all your opponents in a couple of salvos. I am not joking around here. It is quite hard to come back into the game unless one has actual, novel tactics to take advantage of the tiniest weaknesses that these robots have.
Thank God for Six-Pack.
  • I thought that a competitive game would not need paid boosts for gaining advantage? War Robots has proven me dead wrong. At this point, I wonder how War Robots would actually become a viable competitive mobile mech game. But then, we have Six-Pack and the X-League, so…
  • The blog on Gamasutra was meh, okay, sure, but personally I was hoping more from the blog than just the usual platitudes and the “we listen to the players in our own way, we are honest, etc.”
  • I love War Robots. It’s one of the few games that I play everyday, unless the internet becomes extremely awful. But believe me when I say that Six-Pack League is one of the few reasons that I actually play this game at the moment…as well as the fact that I’ve met a couple of new comrades. Also, I still feel that people will listen when there’s proper and detailed feedback, explained in a way that everyone can understand…despite the numerous facts about WR that we have today. Again, this last sentence is my opinion alone.
  • Well, as you can see, 80 percent of the content on my blog is about War Robots…and even though I am very happy about the reception that I’ve received for my articles, notes and whatnot, I do know that I still have a lot of ground to cover.
  • With that being said, thanks for reading my blog and hope that you can follow with your emails and share the love!

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