May 19, 2024
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Want to know about the matchups in the latest edition of the Six-Pack League? Here you go!

Over 20 teams from all over the world are currently participating in the latest edition of the War Robots Six-Pack Summer League, to be held for two months, starting this week.

It has already been confirmed that the new format for the summer league will come in the form of two stages.

The first stage will feature a modified Swiss system, while the second stage will have a standard best-of-five single elimination system. In addition, a comprehensive system of tiebreakers has been put in place in order to facilitate the quicker progression of the tournament.

The Six-Pack League is considered to be one of the biggest competitive leagues in War Robots, with hundreds of players competing in different teams per season.

Hounds of Hades has been the champions of the previous season, with Drunkards from Nova Rising coming in at a close second. Meanwhile, Thanatos carries the most number of championship so far.

What does the new format bring?

In the old format, if you screwed up during your bracket, you are out of the game. This time around, there are more matches to be played, which means more time for teams to get used to the environment of Six-Pack League.

A team can play at least 15 maps (in the worst-case scenario with five matches at 0-3 losses), while a team can play up to a maximum of 40 maps (when imagining a scenario where the team wins all their matches 3-2, all the way to the finals; 25 for the group stage, 5 for the quarterfinals, 5 for the semis and 5 for either gold or bronze match).

Theoretically, a team can win 3-0 in three matchups, lose the other two and go to the playoffs. This is the beauty of the new system: There is a good amount of room for mistakes, experimentation and diversity in-game!

What does this mean for the future of Six-Pack League?

With more teams participating, this means that the community is becoming larger. If one thinks about it, each team has at least five members (so that should make for some hundreds of people playing)…

Besides, a bigger community means more chance to make friends with people from all over the world, which is a good thing in itself!

Is Six-Pack League recommended to all?

I am referring you to the rest of the page’s Six-Pack coverage. However, to make it easy for you:


  • At least four slots
  • At least a spread of good weapons
  • Just some decent gameplay
  • An ability to play with a team
  • Discord or Line – trust me, even the old people (read: 40 and above) use these gaming communication programs already. Why won’t you?

Why play Six-Pack?

  1. It is fun to play. You don’t need to suffer the horrors of facing oddball equipment – also, you get to play in a casual setting!
  2. You get to have new friends…from all over the world! That alone is a gift in itself!
  3. You learn more about the game. Movement, teamplay and tactical execution…
  4. You get to compete against some of the best players from around the globe.
  5. You can brag that you’ve been a part of a new WR experience! If you get to win, then you can say to your children that you’ve won an international league in a video game!

Six-Pack Resources:

Here are the list of the teams for Android (Tricky Tadpoles has a bye, and as such is not included in the list):

Here are the list of the teams for iOS (Wiki 3 has a bye, and as such is not included in the list):

Here are the brackets!!!

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