February 21, 2024
Here is another one of my thoughts on my experience playing Six-Pack!

It has been a very rocky ride for me this season. However, I finally get to play both the first and the last games of the Six-Pack League’s Winter Season.

While the previous season featured a ton of Ancilots, this season involved lots of Trident Furies that I literally shelved my Zeus Fury. It was one odd transition period for me as I needed to learn how to play brawler setups.

The first game with Ka-Tet was amazing for me, though I have to admit that I would not have done good if this was a matchup with another team. Still, it raised my spirits up and I thought that it would be a good start for the season.

Meanwhile, I sat out all the other games except the final group stage match with Hounds of Hades – while Canyon was really good, I got pawned so hard in the other games that I actually changed my hangar for the rest of the season. It was a hard lesson for me: Assume that a 4v4 will come your way.

My last match with HHG was okay. I did not need to do much and I only needed to do my roles properly, so I am happy about my game on the day that it mattered the most. Over the course of a season, I learned how to brawl the hard way. I never liked to brawl a lot, but I needed to get into the role if I wanted to contribute to my team.

I guess that while my best performances defied expectations, my worst performances were also forgettable – in other words, my form swung from one game to another this season.

However, I am happy that I survived and finally had a solid contribution to the Drunkards’ six-pack team.

On another note, it is sad to see people like Rommel, Landy and Trogon leave Six-Pack, but I just wish them all the best and thank them for playing, carrying and leading the team towards the place it is today.

The Drunkards would not be the same without you, guys! I may play a season or two with the Drunkards (or let’s see how it goes) and I am looking forward to see what happens next.

Shoutouts to all people in the Six-Pack community – thank you for keeping the flame alive! It’s been a great experience to have and I would never have it another way.

Until next season, wherever Fate may lead our paths!

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