April 19, 2024

In the grim darkness of the 22nd century, nations fight for domination of a planet that is near-traumatized by countless deaths and screams of agony.

They bleed for a world in which the strong rule with impunity.

They die for the fickle dream of a realm which is barren by the countless firestorms that ravaged Earth over these seemingly endless, dark years.

With the creation of Savior Pods that allow pilots to survive all sorts of hits without being incapacitated or killed, the definition of war is now defined by the economy as much as by the heroism that these common soldiers show.

In this war, there are no winners.

Such is the reality of the world in which they live.

There is only nothing but death and despair…in the 22nd century.

Meanwhile, another enclave was hiding in the sewers of the old city, along with hundreds of civilians.

Captain Luis Sebastian was leading a group of recon troops when they chanced upon several old people who were left on the street.

He, along with his 200-man outfit, were huddling underground along with a similar number of civilians.

“Baseplate Actual, this is Romeo One, we need an evac path.”

Bolognese was surprised that the infantry units were still alive.

“Romeo One, where are you?”

“We are trapped near the sewage plant, some twenty meters underground. We are safe for now, but civilians are here.”

“What happened to my orders???”

“Baseplate Actual, these are old and the sick. We could not extract them out quickly.”

“Very well. Keep them safe. We will try to conduct a rescue mission.”

“Thank you, Baseplate. Romeo One, over and out.”

Knowing that they didn’t have enough time, Bolognese shouted, “Come on, hustle up! We got to save – “

His words were cut by the sound of artillery and moments later, it fell down on his spot, killing all the mechanics.

“Gentlemen, find their artillery spotter!”

“Commander, the spotter is hard to reach as it is a Carnage with a double Ancile. We need a Fury Trebuchet to snipe it off, over.”

“Where are our Trebs?”

“They have all been destroyed in the first hour, sir.”

Cursing himself, Bolognese struggled to think as he looked at the carnage unfolding in front of him.

Pools of blood, badly-burnt bodies and tattered clothes were all that he saw on his camera.

In addition, he deduced that if they were to stay there, they would be shredded into pieces.

“To all forces in the vicinity, this is Baseplate Actual. We will bring the fight directly to them, regardless of the casualties we will face.”

Cheers erupted on the radio link.

“For Victory or Death!!!”

Meanwhile, something else came up on the radio.

“Baseplate, this is the Mediterranean Task Force approaching, callsign Archangel. Please be advised that we are approaching from the X side.”

“Archangel, please note heavy enemy presence on your route.”

“Noted. Best of luck until then. Over and out.”

The Mediterranean Task Force is composed of the mech forces of Malta and San Marino, as well as one brigade from the French Armed Forces.

Any help is better than none at all, Bolognese thought. He knows that the High Command is already hard-pressed to stop the Union at the Rhine.

Indeed, he noticed the enemy presence weakening on his side of the field.

“Gentlemen, attack the old city, with a diversionary attack on the Residenziale. We need to step up the pressure!”

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